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Apache Flume is a framework utilized for moving monstrous amounts of spilling information into HDFS. Gathering log information present in log records from web servers and totaling it in HDFS for investigation, is one basic model use instance of Flume. An organization has huge amounts of administrations running on various servers. Furthermore, bunches of information (logs) produce by them, presently we have to examine them out and out. All together procedure that logs, we need a dependable, adaptable, extensible and sensible disseminated information assortment administration that can perform stream of unstructured information (logs) starting with one area then onto the next where they will process (say in HDFS). Apache flume is an open-source information assortment administration for moving the information from source to goal. Apache Flume is the most dependable, conveyed, and accessible assistance for deliberately gathering, conglomerating, and moving a lot of spilling information (signs) into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). We provide Apache Flume online training for the certification.

What are the features of Apache Flume?

In view of gushing information streams, apache flume online training has a basic and adaptable design. It is exceptionally deficiency tolerant and hearty and with tunable unwavering quality instruments for come up short finished and recuperation. Flume permits information assortment in bunch just as gushing mode.

  • Flume has an adaptable structure dependent on gushing information streams. It is issue tolerant and powerful with various failovers and recuperation instruments. Flume has various degrees of unwavering quality to offer which incorporates ‘best-exertion conveyance’ and a ‘start to finish conveyance’. Best-exertion conveyance doesn’t endure any Flume hub disappointment though ‘start to finish conveyance’ mode ensures conveyance even in case of different hub disappointments.
  • Flume conveys information among sources and sinks. This social affair of information can either be booked or occasion driven. Apache Flume Online Training has its own question handling motor which makes it simple to change each new clump of information before it is moved to the expected sink.
  • Conceivable Flume sinks incorporate HDFS and HBase. Flume can likewise be utilized to move occasion information including yet not constrained to organize traffic information, information created by online life sites and email messages.

What is the Apache flume architecture?

The various components of Apache flume architecture are

Occasion: A solitary information record passage moved by flume is known as Event.

Source: Source is a functioning segment that tunes in for occasions and thinks of them on one or channels. It is the principal part with the assistance of which information goes into the Flume. It gathers the information from an assortment of sources, similar to executive, Avro, JMS, spool registry, and so forth.

Sink: It is that part which expels occasions from a channel and conveys information to the goal or next jump. There are different sinks accessible that conveys information to a wide scope of goals. Model: HDFS, HBase, lumberjack, invalid, record, and so forth.

Channel: It is a course between the Source and the Sink that lines occasion information as exchanges. Occasions are ingested by the sources into the channel and emptied by the sinks out of the channel.

Operator: An Agent is a Java virtual machine in which Flume runs. It comprises sources, sinks, channels and other significant segments through which occasions can move starting with one spot then onto the next.

Customer: Events creates by the customers and send to at least one specialist.

What are the advantages of Apache flume?

The Advantages of Apache flume are

  • We can store information into any of the concentrated stores utilizing Apache Flume online Training.
  • Flume goes about as an arbiter between information makers and the unified stores when the pace of approaching information surpasses the rate at which we can compose information to the goal and gives a consistent progression of information between them.
  • An element of logical steering is additionally given by Flume.
  • Flume ensures solid message conveyance as in Flume exchanges are channel-based where two exchanges (1 sender and 1 beneficiary) are kept up for each message.
  • Flume is profoundly deficient tolerant, dependable, reasonable, adaptable, and adjustable.

What are Apache flume prerequisites?

Essential for learning Big Data Hadoop. It’s great to have information on some OOPs Concepts. Be that as it may, it isn’t compulsory. Mentors of will instruct you if you don’t have information on those OOPs Concepts. we provide the best Apache Flume online training or online classes for the certification

Become a Master in Apache Flume Online Training from Experts through Big Data Certification

  • Programming engineers
  • ETL engineers
  • Task Managers
  • Leader’s
  • Business Analyst



  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Data flow mode
  • Reliability and Recoverability
  • Configuring individual components
  • Wiring the pieces together
  • Data ingestion
  • Network streams
  • Consolidation
  • Multiplexing the flow
  • Configuration
  • Defining the flow
  • Configuring individual components
  • Adding multiple flows in an agent
  • Fan out flow
  • Flume Sources
  • Avro Source
  • Exec Source
  • NetCat Source
  • Sequence Generator Source
  • Syslog Sources
  • Syslog TCP Source
  • Syslog UDP Source
  • Legacy Sources
  • Avro Legacy Source
  • Thrift Legacy Source
  • Custom Source
  • HDFS Sink
  • Logger Sink
  • Avro Sink
  • IRC Sink
  • File Roll Sink
  • Null Sink
  • Hbase Sinks
  • Hbase Sink
  • AsyncHBase Sink
  • Custom Sink
  • Memory Channel
  • JDBC Channel
  • Recoverable Memory Channel
  • File Channel
  • Pseudo Transaction Channel
  • Custom Channel
  • Flume Channel Selectors
  • Replicating Channel Selector
  • Multiplexing Channel Selector
  • Custom Channel Selector
  • Default Sink Processor
  • Failover Sink Processor
  • Load balancing Sink Processor
  • Custom Sink Processor
  • Timestamp Interceptor
  • Host Interceptor
  • Flume Properties
  • Property
  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Handling agent failures
  • Compatibility
  • HDFS
  • AVRO

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