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ASP.Net is a web advancement stage gave by Microsoft. It is utilized for making electronic applications. The primary variant of ASP.Net sent was 1.0. The latest variant of ASP.Net is rendition 4.6. ASP.Net is intended to work with the HTTP convention. This is the standard convention utilized in overall web applications. ASP.Net applications can likewise be written in an assortment of ASP.Net dialects. These incorporate C#, VB.Net, and J#. Right now, will see some essential thing of the ASP.Net structure. ASP.NET deals with top of the HTTP convention, and utilizations the HTTP orders and approaches to set a program to-server respective correspondence and collaboration. ASP.NET is a piece of Microsoft ASP.Net stage. ASP.NET applications are ordered codes, composed utilizing the extensible and reusable parts or items present in .Net structure. These codes can utilize the whole pecking order of classes in .Net system. provides you the best ASP.NET training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What is web form model?

ASP.NET web structures expand the occasion driven model of association to web applications. The program presents a web structure to the webserver and the server restores a full markup page or HTML page accordingly.
All customer-side client exercises are sent to the server for stateful preparation.
Presently, HTTP is a stateless convention. ASP.NET system helps in putting away the data concerning the condition of the application, which comprises of:
• Page state
• Meeting state

The page state is the condition of the customer, i.e., the substance of different info fields in the web structure. The meeting state is the aggregate data acquired from different pages the client visited and worked with, i.e., the general meeting state.
The ASP.NET runtime conveys the page state to and from the server across page demands while creating ASP.NET training runtime codes, and consolidates the condition of the server-side parts in shrouded fields.

What is component model?

The ASP.NET part model gives different structure squares of ASP.NET pages. Fundamentally it is an item model, which depicts:
• Server-side partners of practically all HTML components or labels, for example.

• Server controls, which help in creating complex UI. For instance, the Calendar control or Gridview control.
ASP.NET is an innovation, which deals with the .Net system that contains all web-related functionalities. The .Net structure is made of an item arranged progressive system. At the point when a client demands an ASP.NET training page, the IIS assigns the handling of the page to the ASP.NET runtime framework.
The ASP.NET runtime changes the .aspx page into an occurrence of a class, which acquires from the base class page of the .Net system. Hence, each ASP.NET page is an article and every one of its segments i.e., the server-side controls are likewise questions.

What are the prerequisites to learn

• you ought to have an essential comprehension of .NET programming language. As we will create online applications utilizing the ASP.NET web application structure, it will be acceptable if you have a comprehension of other web innovations, for example, HTML, CSS, AJAX. and so on
• you can learn C, C++, C#, VISUAL BASIC, and HTML, CSS, javascript, Ajax, jquery are progressively significant for planning purposes. You can begin a .Net advancement course from any certification via ASP.NET training and find out about it from the books.

What is certification?

(ASP) .NET is a web application structure made by Microsoft which permits you to construct sites and web applications. With the corporate world scrambling to make and keep up a web nearness and increment effectiveness and correspondence among geologically remote locales, interest for these abilities is at an unsurpassed high. An ASP .NET certification from NCSA exhibits to managers that you have procured a degree of information proportional to a half year involvement in the product. A lot of ASP.NET training or online classes are available in the market for the certification in training.
The tests we give center around the fundamental ideas you will be comfortable with through experience utilizing ASP .NET Training. If you have made a site or other application in ASP you are likely acquainted with the essential ASP grammar and capacities. If not, we exceptionally propose you invest some energy progressing in the direction of this objective. When you know about the rudiments you will have the option to picture and spot mistakes for the code certification and troubleshooting bits of the test.


  • Types of Applications – Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications
  • Web applications with Web Server
  • Web Server role, about IIS, APACHE
  • Web Browsers, Web Support Languages
  • Understanding http, TCP/IP, LAN, WAN & O/S role in web development
  • Why Scripting & its importance use of JQuery
  • Assemblies in .Net
  • Platform for the Future
  • Intro to .NET 4.5
  • Drawbacks of Current Trend
  • .NET Framework
  • Key Design Goals
  • CLR, CTS, MSIL, & Other Tools
  • Multiple Language Interaction & Support
  • Moving from Project to Assemblies…
  • Security Services and environment
  • Vista & IIS 6.0/7.0 & their requirements
  • Installing & Configuring VS.NET/.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
  • AJAX(ATLAS) importance in Web applications
  • The need for AJAX & the Solution and MVC
  • Shifting from ASP to ASP.Net, to web 4.0 (new)
  • ASP.Net as Framework, Namespaces
  • ASP.Net – New Scenario in development process with IDE – VS.NET
  • Web Pages to Web Forms, HTML – ASP.NET, State management- an Important Objective
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Execution Scenario
  • C#.Net role in ASP.NET Development
  • ASP.NET/C#.Net – the Industry approach
  • HTML, HTML Controls, ASP.NET Controls
  • Client-side & Server-side Controls
  • Consuming HTML Client/Server Controls in WebForms using MVC
  • Consuming ASP.Net Controls in WebForms
  • Understanding the Rendering Nature of Controls Developing
  • Simple Startup Application
  • Introducing Web Forms, Worker process
  • Working with Server Controls
  • Applying Styles to Controls, Themes, Skins etc
  • Page Directives and its use
  • Separating Code & Design
  • New Code behind Techniques
  • Implementing ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Types of ASP.NET & their need/render
  • Intrinsic – Validation – Bound – DataSource
  • Navigation – Login – Web Parts & AJAX.-as building blocks
  • Validating Form with Validation Controls of
  • Using RequiredFieldvalidator control
  • Using CompareValidator Control
  • Using RangeValidator Control
  • Using CustomValidator control
  • Create Server-side / Client-side functions for – stomValidator Control
  • Group Validations & avoiding Validations.
  • Finally – Client Targets & ValidationSummary control
  • XML, XML to HTML, XML & Databases
  • XML Schema Definition Tool
  • Overview of ADO.NET/ XML Support in .NET
  • Connect/Insert/Update/Delete,Query data -using ADO.NET
  • Retrieve data with datasets
  • Data Adapters, Understanding Data tables
  • Build Data table programmatically
  • Filter and sort Data table, Data Relations
  • Parameters with Command Object
  • Stored Procedures with ADO.NET using –output parameters
  • Develop a Registration form using ADO
  • ASP.Net bound controls
  • DataSource Controls
  • Repeater & its uses.
  • DataBound and DataAware Controls
  • Bind data to Dropdownlist Control
  • Datalist control
  • DataGrid(1.1/2.0) Control
  • GridView & its importance in Development
  • GridView(Basic) – simple uses
  • GridView (Advanced) –Runtime Fields, Empty DataRows, NTier …
  • FormView & DetailsView
  • ListView
  • EDM with ASP.Net
  • Introduction to Microsoft AJAX.(Code name ATLAS)
  • XML Http object
  • Programming with XML HTTP Object
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of AJAX.
  • Features of AJAX.
  • MS Implementation of AJAX
  • Error Handling & .NET Runtime
  • Avoid Errors before they occur
  • Structured Error Handling
  • Catching General Exceptions
  • Catching Specific Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Custom Exceptions
  • Page Level Error Handling
  • Application Level Error Handling

• Creating User Controls
• Adding member to user controls
• Registering User Controls
• Properties & Methods
• Dynamically loading user controls
• Master Pages

• Creating JQuery Controls
• Adding member to JQuery controls.
• Properties & Methods
• Dynamically loading JQuery controls
• Master Pages.

• Web Application configuration-Advantages.
• New Configuration Model, ASP.NET Confn Tool
• Web Application Machine Configuration
• Global Assembly Cache, Strong Names VS2012
• Working with Assembly Info
• Web.Config, Machine.Config
• Process Model –System Configuration.

• About Session & Application object
• Comparison between Session & Application
• Using the Global.asax file
• Managing Application State
• Http Handlers
• Application & Session Variables
• Application & Session Events

  • Caching Overview
  • Advantages of Caching
  • Comparing with Application & Session var’s
  • Page Output Caching
  • Page Data Caching
  • Fragment Caching

• Security Overview
• Authentication & Authorization
• Windows-based Authentication
• Passport Authentication.(WebServices)
• Forms-based Authentication
• Memberships
• Authorizing Users and Roles
• User Account Impersonation

• Deploying ASP.NET Application

  • Introducing XML Web Services
  • Differences Between DCOM / Remoting / Web Services
  • Webservices.
  • Writing a Simple Web Service
  • Xml web services stack, SOAP,WSDL,UDDI,Sync an
  • Async calls
  • Web Service Type Marshalling
  • Using Data in Web Services
  • Using Objects and Intrinsic
  • HTML Pattern Matching
  • WCF
  • New concept in Web Apps.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Predefined/ user defined controls with webparts
  • Its need in data transferring
  • MSMQ – Its role in heterogeneous networks and systems

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