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The Instructor-led Amazon Web Services Online Training Classes designed by will help you gain knowledge in setting up and running AWS cloud service through IaaS and avail hands-on practice on AWS Public Cloud. Our curriculum is designed for both freshers and experienced professionals. Enroll and get certified!!

What are the course objectives for Amazon Web Services Training?

Upon completion of this classes from the candidates will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge on how to optimize Amazon Web Services service for increasing reliability and flexibility.
  • Gain knowledge on Amazon Web Services along with the introduction to cloud services.
  • Expertise in the usage of Amazon storage services like S3, AWS EC2, and Route 53.
  • Understand managing resource life cycle and multiple Amazon Web Services services.
  • Deploy the well-structured architecture for exact Amazon Web Services solution.

How many days it will take to learn Amazon Web Services?

For full-time employees or other committed workers, it takes around two months i.e around 80 hours to study. If you are a fresher and new to Amazon Web Services then approximately three months i.e around 120 hours. Investing three months for offline training is not worth it as it is a time consuming process. Taking online training at a convenient time will be helpful for working as well as final year students.

Why should you learn Amazon Web Services?
Through Amazon Web Services, managing global infrastructure is very easy. It is both an operating system and language that is flexible and open to use and allows mainly to focus on the latest innovations.
It is a durable technology platform and also a secured one. It can be used for multi reasons such as accessing movies, music, videos, etc. It mainly provides high performance for speeding up dynamic web applications. There is huge requirement for Amazon Web Services Developer in the future. So, it will be an added advantage for you to have an AWS to acquire a decent job in the MNCs.
Who can opt for Amazon Web Services training?

Anybody can take this training without any hesitation as will provide you with the tailored course curriculum for both beginners and professionals based-on their requirement. This course is ideal for the following job roles:

  • Software developers
  • Solution architects
  • Solution designer engineers
  • System administrators
  • Aspirants willing to build their career in the field for cloud services

What are the prerequisites for learning Amazon Web Services course?

There are no such essential prerequisites for learning Amazon Web Services classes but having prior experience or working knowledge on following concepts is an added advantage.
Basic knowledge of,

  • Distributed systems
  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Multi-tire architectures

Is it worth to learn Amazon Web Services?

Yes, Is it worth to learn Amazon Web Services as there is a huge demand for the individuals having cloud management skills. Having learnt Amazon Web Services is itself not sufficient to gain a decent job, you also need a proper certification in Amazon Web Services to gain the following benefits:

  • Increase in Salary
  • Demand in the job market
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Emerging Networking Opportunities and finally proves that you are a tech-enthusiast


  • Introduction cloud computing world
  • History
  • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • AWS Regions and Availability zones
  • Tools to access services
  • Overview of the console
  • Introduction to EC2
  • Pricing models On-demand vs Reserved
  • Using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to create the instances
  • Public vs Private Images
  • Sharing Images to other accounts
  • Logging into instances using key pairs
  • Converting PEM files to ppk
  • Volumes and types
  • Using snapshots for backup
  • Increasing the size of the volumes
  • Backup and restore process of the EC2 instances
  • Assigning static IPs using Elastic IPs
  • Control access to instances using Security Groups
  • Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing
  • Creating ELB from Console
  • Attaching instances to ELB
  • Configuring ports, Protocols and health checks
  • Introduction to managed database
  • Creating RDS instances using AWS console
  • Choosing an RDS engine and version
  • Public vs Private database instances
  • Multi – AZ setup
  • Backup using snapshots and point in restore
  • Parameter Group
  • Options Group
  • Control access to instances using Security Groups.
  • Overview
  • Creating launch configuration
  • Creating auto-scaling group
  • Auto-scaling policies
  • Introduction
  • Choosing a network design and CIDR
  • Design a simple network
  • Creating Subnets and setup routing as per the design
  • Using IGW tenable internet access
  • Creating Private connections from datacenter to AWS
  • Enabling VPC peering between VPCs
  • Introduction to Simple Storage Server (S3)
  • Storage options (default vs. reduced redundancy vs. Glacier)
  • Creating buckets using console
  • Uploading and Downloading data tS3
  • Building static websites using S3
  • Enable version control on S3
  • S3 access policies
  • Glacier
  • Introduction to IAM
  • Access controls using IAM
  • Creating users, groups and roles
  • Assigning policies
  • Introduction to Cloud watch Monitoring services
  • Monitoring CPU, Memory and network utilization of different resources
    Creating notifications
  • Introduction to notifications
  • Creating Topics
  • Subscribing to Topic
  • Publishing to SNS Topic
  • Testing e-mail and SMS functionality
  • Introduction to content delivery networks
  • Overview of Amazon CDN
  • Origins and Edge locations
  • Configure S3 backend for Cloud Front
  • Configure ELB backend from Cloud Front
  • Introduction to SES
  • Advantages
  • Installing AWS CLI
  • Configuring credentials
  • AWS CLI syntax
  • Creating and managing resource using CLI
  • Examples
  • Environment
  • Configurations
  • Deploy
  • Cost optimization
  • Cloud migration
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Route53

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