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overview designed online Brightspot Training will help you in gaining knowledge on product development lifecycle modern requirements management, live traceability, and test management. In this course, you’ll get exposure to all the real-time industry-based verticals. Enroll Now!

What are the Brightspot Training course objectives?
By the end of this Brightspot Training, you’ll be able to:
● Understand the fundamentals of Brightspot.
● Implement product development lifecycle
● Gather requirements and trace possibilities
● Test the flows
 Why should you learn a Brightspot course?
● Brightspot is the new market trend that is emerging from the early 20’s
● Many fortune 500 companies are willing to implement this product management lifecycle
Who should attend Brightspot Training?
Brightspot course will benefit the following job roles:
● Management trainees
● Management testers
● Product developers
● Aspirants willing to build their career in the management field
What are the prerequisites for learning Brightspot Training?
There are no particular prerequisites, anyone interested in exploring new technologies
I can take up this course.


  • Viewing Recent Activity
  • Publishing with Common Content Widget
  • Using Search
  • Publishing with Bulk Upload
  • Using Scheduled Events
  • Viewing Unpublished Drafts
  • Using Work Streams
  • Enhance Usability with Comprehensive Search
  • Enhance Publishing with Work Streams
  • Simplify Publishing with Content Templates
  • Consolidate Tagging Cleanup with Bulk Edit
  • Improve Publishing Quality with Workflow
  • Publishing an Article
  • Creating an Image
  • Publishing a Gallery
  • Creating a Module
  • Publishing a Page
  • Creating a Video
  • Brightspot Admin Settings
  • Updating Sites & Settings
  • Updating Users & Roles
  • Creating an image
  • Cropping and Editing images
  • Publishing a Gallery
  • Brightspot Roles and User Settings
  • Updating Roles
  • Creating User
  • Search basics
  • Enhance Usability with Comprehensive Search
  • The power of Search – Advanced Query Search
  • The Power of Search – Save Frequent Searches
  • The Power of Search – Search Results
  • Video Basics
  • Creating a Video
  • Workflow Basics
  • Improve Publishing Quality with Workflow

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