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The Chef DevOps is an open-source innovation created by Opscode. Adam Jacob, prime supporter of Opscode is known as the author of Chef. Culinary expert is utilized in framework computerization and aides in decreasing manual and tedious undertakings for the foundation the board. The culinary specialist has its show for various structure squares, which are required to oversee and mechanize framework. Today, in an Organization the framework administrators or DevOps Engineer invests more energy in conveying new administrations and applications, introducing and refreshing system bundles and making machine servers prepared for arrangement. This causes monotonous human endeavors and requires immense human resources. To take care of this issue, set up the board was presented. By utilizing design the executive's devices like Chef, Puppet you can send, fix and update the whole application foundation with mechanization. provides you the best Chef DevOps online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What are the Benefits of Chef Devops ?

  • Quickening programming conveyance, when your framework is computerized all the product prerequisites like testing, making new situations for programming organizations and so on turns out to be quicker.
  • Expanded assistance Resiliency, by making the framework robotized it screens for bugs and blunders before they happen it can likewise recoup from mistakes all the more rapidly.
  • Hazard Management, cook brings down hazards and improves consistency at all phases of arrangement. It lessens the contentions during the advancement and creation condition.
  • Cloud Adoption, Chef can be handily adjusted to a cloud situation and the servers and foundation can be effortlessly designed, introduced and oversaw naturally by Chef DevOps Online Training.
  • Overseeing Data Centers and Cloud Environments, as examined prior to Chef can run on various stages, under culinary expert you can deal with all your cloud and on-premise stages including servers.
  • Streamlined IT activity and Workflow, Chef gives a pipeline to ceaseless arrangement beginning from working to testing and completely through conveyance, checking, and investigating.

What are the Advantages of Chef Devops?

  • As Chef utilizes local Ruby language for setup, a standard arrangement language it tends to be handily gotten by anybody having some improvement experience.
  • Utilizing the blade utility, it tends to be effectively incorporated with any of the cloud advances. It is the best device for an association that desires to disseminate its foundation on multi-cloud conditions.
  • One of the most adaptable answers for OS and middleware the executives.
  • Intended for software engineers.
  • Culinary specialist offers crossover and SaaS answers for Chef Servers
  • Successive execution request
  • Truly steady, solid and develop, particularly for huge organizations in both open and private situations.

What is Chef DevOps certification?

The identification based Chef DevOps confirmation program gives the chance to exhibit your capacities and impart your certifications any place and at whatever point you pick. The consolidated information and execution appraisal approach gives the chance to show Chef capability in true situations.

Breeze through three tests and become a Certified Chef Developer. To get certified you need to take the Chef DevOps online training or online classes which is the easiest way. Once accomplished you will get an extra identification in addition to some cool swag to praise your prosperity. provides one of the best Chef DevOps online training in Bangalore for the certification.

Gourmet specialist identifications give the accompanying advantages:

  • Join your identifications to accomplish Chef certification levels
  • Show your capabilities on social and expert systems administration locales
  • Furnish bosses with a simple, substantial check of your qualifications.


Common chef Terminology

Chef server

Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation – Looking At Security And Configurations



Servers And Nodes

Chef Configuration Concepts

  • Getting Set Up
  • Starting The Apache Recipe
  • Adding Attributes, Recipe, And A Template
  • Attribute Precedence
  • Adding HTML Templates Dynamically With Chef
  • Recipe Includes And Dependencies
  • Copying Config Files To The Node
  • Executing Linux Commands On The Node
  • Adding Platform Support To The Cookbook
  • Adding The Local Chef-Repo To Github
  • What Is The Node Object?
  • Search Concepts
  • Searching Node Attributes Using Knife
  • What Are Environments And Why Do They Matter?
  • Creating And Configuring Environments
  • Creating A Second Version Of Our WebServer Cookbook
  • Deploying To Different Environments
  • Viewing And Deleting Environments With Knife
  • What Are Data Bags?
  • Creating User And Sudo Group Data Bags
  • Building A Recipe To Deploy Local User Accounts From Data Bags
  • What Are Roles?
  • Creating A Web Server Role
  • Building A Simple MySQL Cookbook For A Role
  • Creating A DB Server Role
  • Creating A Base Role
  • Knife Plugins
  • Chef Supermarket and Chef-Client Cookbook
  • Open Source Chef
  • Configuring the Workstation and Bootstrapping a Node
  • Closing: Bootstrapping Nodes and Deploying Cookbooks
  • Open Source Chef
  • Configuring the Workstation and Bootstrapping a Node
  • Closing: Bootstrapping Nodes and Deploying Cookbooks

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Excellent material with experienced trainer he made the course easy to understand and grasp.I have learnt alot in all the sessions, thanks to itcources.

Anand Kumar

A great and highly engaging course, although its online there is always help at hand from the friendly trainer via email.

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