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Clojure online training by ITCourCes offers you hands-on training sessions to make you a pro in the development of Clojure web application and you will be able to gain experience in the development route with Compojure under the guidance of a certified Real time Clojure expert. This training will provide you an in-depth knowledge of Java programming, how to write Clojure codes using javascript.

What are the Clojure Training course objectives?
By the end of Clojure online training course, the candidate will be able to:
● Build and Run the REPL
● Write Clojure data types, syntaxes, and semantics
● Use Clojure editor
● Understand core functions
● Project Organization
● Write functional programming
● Evaluate Clojure model
● Writ and debugging macros
● Create and extend abstractions
 Why should you learn a Clojure course?
● As it is a much-demanded course, there is a huge need for certified Clojure professionals.
● Fortune500 companies like Cisco Systems, Walmart Labs are hiring certified Clojure online training professionals around the globe.
Who should attend Clojure Training?
The following job roles benefit from taking up this course:
● Developers related to any quadrant.
● Other software Developers interested in Functional Programming
● Programming Analysts
● Product analysts

What are the prerequisites for learning Clojure Training?
The following are the prerequisites to learn Clojure:
Working knowledge of,
functional programming and high-level languages such as Python, C# or C++ and Java.
experience is not mandatory. provides you the best Clojure online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.


Why Clojure?

How it is different from other languages?

Clojure data type

Clojure Operations

Clojure Recursion

Prefix Notation

Installing Clojure

Clojure and REPL

Clojure building tools – Leiningen, Boot

Clojure Project

Configuring a project

Running a project

Running tests

Generating reports






What is functional Programming?

Clojure Namespace

Clojure File Handling

Access Clojure Document


Clojure Functions

Clojure Scope

Clojure Destructuring

Parametric Polymorphism

Subtype Polymorphism

Mutimethod Polymorphism

Clojure Exception handling

Clojure Atoms

Managing States with Agents

Clojure Watchers

Java and Clojure interaction

Creating Java objects in Clojure

Exception handling

Calling java from Clojure

Calling Clojure from java

Optimizing for Performance

Basic Concurrency in Clojure

Clojure Stm – Atoms

ClojureStm – Refs And Agents

Working with Core.Async

Use of Macro in Clojure

Taxonomy or Macros

Inbuild Macro

Custom Macro

Advanced Topics

HTTP with Ring

Routing with compojure

Rendering HTML with selmer and Hiccup

Rendering HTML with Enlive

Dependency Injection for Persistence


Pedestal concepts

Creating a Pedestal service

Creating Routers

Accessing request parameters

Creating interceptors

Handling errors and exceptions

Manage Logging

Introduction of Datomic

Transacting data

Using Datalog to Query

Achieving immutability

Deleting database.

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Bhavani D

Thanks to this online training platform, I was received excellent online training from this itcources trainer, concepts are clear and basic level students also can understand.

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