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IBM Cognos BI is a stage free. It is based on different stages, for example, XML (Extensible Mark up Language), WSDL (web administration definition language), and SOAP (basic article get to the convention). In view of the business capacities, the design of Cognos BI is partitioned into three tires. They are web servers, applications, and information. The primary level is the webserver; it is utilized for all the correspondence through the portals. The subsequent one is applications; the application has at least one server which processes the solicitations. Every one of these solicitations is gotten from the portals. Presently, what is the information level? It is an archive. It is utilized to store various sorts of information. These whole three tires are under the IBM Cognos BI and the system firewall isolates every level. Cognos Admin Online training and online classes are available for the certification.

What is Cognos Administration Training?

In the IBM Cognos organization preparing, we can design the databases for the multilingual detailing. We can without much of a stretch introduce the text styles for showing HTML reports and pages. Internet browser setup should be possible by the Cognos executive. IBM Cognos director has a capacity to confine the entrance to the Cognos programming. We can likewise set up printers. We can likewise deal with the printers in the Cognos organization. In the substance organization, we can manage the imports and fares, report refreshes and furthermore list refreshes. In the status bar of the Cognos Admin Online Training organization, we can get to the past, current and future exercises and furthermore calendars to screen exercises of the server.
We can deal with the styles and portlets in the Cognos organization. In the IBM Cognos organization preparing, we have the alternative to oversee clients, jobs, gatherings, and namespaces. With the assistance of the IBM Cognos organization, we can oversee plans effectively. We can make dispersion records and contacts and furthermore we can deal with these two. In the server tuning organization region, we can upgrade the productivity and speed of the IBM Cognos programming.
In the organization zone, you can send the Cognos, to trade from source and afterward import in an objective. In the IBM Cognos organization, we have an alternative called security which is utilized for controlling the entrance to certain item capacities. We do provide Cognos Admin online training and online classes are the Cognos Admin certification.

What are the features of Cognos Administration?
• It decreases the upkeep cost.
• It is an open-source stage and extensible.
• The information in the IBM Cognos BI is progressively secure because of information is monitored by firewalls.
• It is versatile and dependable.
• It is stage free.
• It doesn’t occupy any room on the customer’s server.
• It underpins RDBMS (social database the executive’s framework).
• IBM Cognos BI is a multilingual stage. Reports can be made in multi-dialects with the assistance of Cognos Admin Online Training.
• It improves the basic leadership.
• Utilizing various information sources, we can make the mind-boggling reports in IBM Cognos.
• It likewise underpins load adjusting.

What are the Prerequisites required for Cognos Admin?
Before getting ready for this affirmation, the depicted degree of aptitude is prescribed and accepted (yet not tried):
• Intermediate information on web server models and security frameworks
• Intermediate information utilizing an upheld working framework and internet browser
• Intermediate systems administration information

What are the necessary requirements for Cognos Admin?

The IBM Certified Administrator – IBM Cognos Analytics Administrator V11 (as of R3) (otherwise called a Cognos System Administrator) is liable for the organization of servers and substance. This incorporates report execution, regulatory errands, server and system undertakings, observing situations, and security. This individual partakes in venture usage as a successful colleague without supervision.
The manager is mindful to regulate substances and servers. This individual will have the option to partake as a successful colleague.
To accomplish the IBM Certified Administrator – Cognos 10 BI accreditation, applicants must have what it takes distinguished under Recommended Prerequisite Skills, assuming any, and pass one (1) test. For the one who are interested to take up this certification without any disturbance to your current worktime, many online training or online classes are available in the market to this certification and we provides you the one of the best Cognos Admin online training experience in the bangalore.


  • Cognos 10.1 Architecture
  • Content store
  • Content Manager
  • Dispatcher
  • Cognos Vs Other OLAP tools
  • Product Overview
  • New Features of Cognos 10.1
  • Understanding Packages
  • Components of Cognos Connection
  • Personalizing Cognos Connection
  • Organizing the Reports
  • Activity and Scheduling
  • Properties
  • Create New Page
  • Job
  • Workspace
  • My Inbox
  • My preference
  • Types of Reports
  • Filters
  • Prompts
  • Calculations
  • Grouping
  • Sections and Sorting
  • Aggregate Functions & Calculations
  • Page Breaks
  • Conditional Styles & Formatting
  • Apply Template
  • Preference settings
  • Report Templates
  • Formatting Reports
  • Grouping, Sorting
  • Summarizing data
  • Report Sections
  • Working with Variables
  • Parameters
  • Filters
  • Multiple Filter
  • Prompts
  • Cascading Prompt
  • Types of Prompt
  • Export Into Different
  • Format PDF,XML,XL,CSV
  • Using other toolbox objects
  • Conditional Style
  • Table of contents Reports
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Master Detail Report
  • Conditional Block
  • Unlocking Objects
  • Managing Report queries
  • Generated SQL/MDX Query
  • Active Reports
  • Analysis Studio Fundamentals
  • Nest Data in Crosstabs in Analysis Studio
  • Create Analysis with Multiple filter
  • Reusable analysis
  • Build Advanced Crosstabs in Analysis Studio
  • Focus with Filters in Analysis Studio
  • Extend the Analysis
  • Introduction to Event Studio
  • Create an agent
  • Add tasks to an agent
  • Run an agent through its lifecycle
  • Schedule an agent
  • Dashboards – Introduction
  • Create Dashboard
  • Value Filter
  • Slider Filter
  • Using RSS Feed
  • Using web Page
  • Content Pane
  • Widgets
  • Sort, Filter and Calculate data
  • Advanced Filters
  • Lab & Exercise
  • BI – Advanced : Interface
  • Create Different types of Reports
  • Reporting Styles
  • Create dashboard objects
  • Summarize data and Create Calculations
  • Adding Filters
  • Objects Introduction
  • Metadata Modelling
  • Design & Create a Project
  • Data source connection
  • Namespaces
  • Database view
  • Business view
  • Presentation view
  • Cardinality Relationships
  • Model Query Subjects
  • Data source Query subjects
  • Query items

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