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The CompTIA Network+ certification course is intended to assist understudies with getting ready for and acquire the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) affirmation. This is a far-reaching certification course that covers the five areas of concentrate as introduced in the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 test: Network Architecture, Network Operations, Network Security, Troubleshooting, and Industry Standards, Practices, and Network Theory. Understudies are given a progression of exercises, labs, tests and practice tests that give a total learning experience and help the understudy get ready for the CompTIA Network+ certification test. CompTIA Online training and online classes are available for the certification.

What is CompTIA certification?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certification can be depicted from numerous points of view, yet the most ideal route is to state it’s a signature confirmation for anybody working in the PC and data innovation (IT) industry. CompTIA is the world’s driving tech affiliation, and the numerous sorts of confirmations they offer all fulfill the business guidelines. Here is an outline of the CompTIA certification and the advantages of acquiring CompTIA certifications.

What are CompTIA certifications?

At the point when we hear the words CompTIA certification, we frequently consider different PC related certifications on the grounds that CompTIA offers different certifications. Be that as it may, the fundamental CompTIA certification is A+ (A Plus). The CompTIA A+ is a section level certification for the most part earned by PC administration professionals. To acquire the A+ certification, an individual must breeze through a test that shows the person’s information and aptitude in working, introducing, redoing and looking after PCs.

The A+ test, which is focused on people within any event a half year of PC administration specialist experience, contains up to 90 different decision questions and should be finished in an hour and a half. When earned, the CompTIA A+ certification is useful for a long time. To keep up A+ certification, the individual must finish proceeding with training credits or retake the test.

Why CompTIA certification?

Whenever a representative works at a vocation that may include a type of certification, the worker ought to consider acquiring that certification. certifications are particularly significant for several reasons. CompTIA certifications are a path for the IT expert to exhibit their insight into PCs or explicit zones of PCs. PCs are used in practically all businesses and occupations today, so it’s significant that the work shows that the person in question is as educated as conceivable in PCs.

While seeking a specific activity in the IT field, candidates who have CompTIA certifications recorded on the resume will commonly have a bit of leeway. CompTIA is the pioneer in the PC and IT ventures. CompTIA demonstrates that the IT area is set to have another solid year in 2018, so those seeking after these vocations ought to get whatever number CompTIA certifications as could be expected under the circumstances for the best openings for work.

What are the different certifications available in CompTIA?

CompTIA offers different certifications notwithstanding the A+.

  • These are for the essential information on PCs and are considered as center tests.
  1. CompTIA Network+
  2. CompTIA security+
  3. CompTIA fundamentals.
  • These three are centered around security.
  1. CompTIA SASP
  2. CompTIA CySA+
  3. CompTIA PenTest+
  • These are propelled certification tests and are more for people who are centered around the foundation.
  1. CompTIA Linux+
  2. CompTIA Cloud+
  3. CompTIA Server+
  • These three are proficient based certifications.
  1. CompTIA CIT+
  2. CompTIA Cloud essentials
  3. CompTIA project+

These are some popular certifications available for CompTIA. We do provide CompTIA online training and online classes.



  • Networking Terminology
  • Network Categories
  • Standard Network Models
  • Physical Network Topologies
  • Logical Network Topologies
  • Data Transmission Methods
  • Media Access Methods
  • Signaling Methods
  • Bounded Network Media
  • Unbounded Network Media
  • Noise Control
  • Network Connectivity Devices
  • Ethernet Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • The OSI Model
  • The TCP/IP Model
  • The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • IP Addressing
  • Default IP Addressing Schemes
  • Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
  • mplement IPv6 Addresses
  • Delivery Techniques
  • Assign IP Addresses
  • Domain Naming Services
  • TCP/IP Commands
  • Common TCP/IP Protocols
  • TCP/IP Interoperability Services
  • Switching
  • Enable Static Routing
  • Virtual LANs
  • Plan a SOHO Network
  • WAN Transmission Technologies
  • WAN Connectivity Methods
  • Voice Over Data Transmission
  • Remote Network Architectures
  • Remote Access Networking Implementations
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Computer Security Basics
  • System Security Tools
  • Authentication Methods
  • Encryption Methods
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Protect Network Traffic Using IPSec
  • Network-Based Security Threats and Attacks
  • Apply Threat Mitigation Techniques
  • Educate Users

• Network Monitoring
• Configuration Management Documentation
• Network Performance Optimization

  • Network Troubleshooting Models
  • Network Troubleshooting Utilities
  • Hardware Troubleshooting Tools
  • Common Connectivity Issues

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