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ITCourCes.com CyberSecurity certification Training course will help you to become a CyberSecurity expert. In this course, you’ll learn about the basic concepts of CyberSecurity, cryptography, computer networks, cloud attacks and security. Our curriculum is designed by experts with hands-on practice projects and coaching.

What are the major objectives of CyberSecurity online training?

At the end of this training, the candidate will be able to identify and assess vulnerabilities

  • Gain a better understanding of the IS audit.
  • Learn how to control the IT environment.
  • Understand the development, implementation of information systems.
  • Gain a working knowledge of CISA, as defined by ISACA.

Who can learn CyberSecurity course?

Anybody willing to learn this course can take up CyberSecurity course. Aspirants from both technical and non-technical background can also learn this classes.

Who go for the CyberSecurity online training?

This course is ideal for the following job roles:

  • IT auditors
  • Managers
  • Linux administrators
  • Networking professionals
  • Security directors
  • Security architects
  • Aspirants willing to build their career in the field of networking can learn this course.

What are the prerequisites for learning CyberSecurity course classes?

As of now, there are no prerequisites for learning CyberSecurity course. Basic knowledge of the following concepts would be an added advantage:

  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Cloud

What are the certifications in CyberSecurity?

The following are a few certifications that users can attempt to certified professionals:

  • CEH (v10) – CertifiedEthical Hacking Course
  • Certified Network Defender Certification
  • CISA Certification


● In this module student will be introduced to current cyber security challenges faced by enterprises by sharing cyber attacks case studies in the past year, along with career options available in the field of information security.

● In this module we will teach basics of networking concepts and different web
technologies required by an information security consultant to understand working
architecture of a network and web application layer.

● In this module students will be getting hand-on experience of information gathering and digital footprint collection through various available open source tools and methods to collect information available on World Wide Web.

● In this module we will talk about basic architecture of email along with various attacks associated with email security and security guidelines which will help an organisation to make an effective email security policy.

● In this module students will learn how information security professionals can use google search engine as a default tool of finding unsecured data crawled by google’s page rank algorithm and how they can refine their traditional searching method.

● In this module student will be learning how to setup IDS and IPS on a network and also deploying web application firewall to protect website from various kind of network and web application attacks. To monitor incoming attacks on the network we will learn how to use production honeypots.

● In this module we will be talking about web application auditing global standards like
OWASP Top 10 attacks.
○ Sensitive Data Exposure
○ Insecure Direct Object References
○ SQL Injections
■ Authentication Bypass Injection
■ Blind Injections
■ Error Based Injection
■ Union Based Injection
■ Stacked Query Injection
■ Time Based Injection

○ Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
○ Broken Authentication and Session Management
○ Missing Function Level Access Control
○ Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
○ Security Misconfiguration
○ Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

● In this module we will be talking about all three popular operating system’s security
architecture and attacks, which are possible on these operating systems via various kind of Malwares.

● In this module student will learn how to use world’s most advanced penetration testing operating system by installing and using it for the same

● This module is purely concentrated on demonstrating various attacks related to a
network, along with attack demonstrations student will learn how to defend these
network attacks through various network security countermeasures.

● In this module student will learn different wireless attacks like WEP, WPA, WPA2 &
WPA2 Enterprise cracking and security. In the end students will learn how to make an
effective wireless network security policy for their respective enterprise.

● Over 80% of smartphones on planet are running on android, Around 13% smartphones are running with iOS operating system. Hence, in this module is purely concentrated on making student understand these operating system’s security architecture, we will be also talking about VOIP security.

● In this module student will learn how to use world’s most advanced penetration testing operating system by installing and using it for the same.
● 100+ tools

● Introduction to Reverse Engineering
● Assembly Language Basics
● Application Debuggers & Disassemblers
● Application Cracking, Patching & Keygenning

● Introduction to Crypto Techniques
● Types of Encryptions & Hashes
● Insecure Cryptographic Storage

● OS Detection
● Open Port & Service Detection
● Metasploit Framework Architecture
● Vulnerability Analysis
● Exploitation on Various Platforms

● Ethics of a Penetration Tester
● Penetration Testing Methodologies
● Customers and Legal Agreements

● Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
● Pre Penetration Testing Checklist
● External Penetration Testing
● Internal Network Penetration Testing

● Brute Force Attacks
● Router Exploitation

● Scalability Analysis
● Load Balancer Testing

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Abhishek k

I liked the way the trainer Cybersecurity taught Associate and Professional. He has solid experience in the domain and shares his knowledge liberally with his students. He goes out of his way to help with any questions not covered in the course content. He puts all his efforts to make his students hands-on, I recommend this institute for anyone looking to learn cybersecurity online training.

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