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Documentum is Document Management programming, which implies that it gives a vault where to store your archives. As opposed to keeping their significant records on a fileserver, organizations put them in Document Management frameworks. Documentum resembles an ordinary filesystem (hard drive) on steroids. Rather than putting away your records on your hard circle, you store them inside the Documentum framework. This permits individuals to get to your records if they have to and permits you to get to their documents. It's sort of like a system record server, however a lot fancier. Content administrations stages presently permit associations to understand the full estimation of the substance and information accessible to them, instead of segregating content in independent storehouses that are hard to get to and don't give setting. Content administrations are a significant advance forward in associating individuals, procedures and substance across associations and with their clients, providers and different colleagues. provides you the best Documentum online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What is Documentum in brief?

Documentum framework was created by John Newton and Howard Shao in 1990, to take care of the disorderly substance issue utilizing social database advancements. Initially, this framework was produced for an organization ‘Boeing’ which has a lot of information as paper archives, data, and instructional booklet. Its primary capacity was to help the organization in putting away, keeping up, and sorting out a large number of pages of data into a typical archive.

The Documentum programming likewise helps in changing over paper-based records into application-prepared records permitting a client to spare a ton of time, cost and exertion. Endeavor’s ECM framework is utilized to deal with the substance from different applications from over the association, for example, from ERP’s, CRM frameworks and entryways. Moreover, documentum gives understanding into the association, where you can without much of a stretch view, alter or update any record imparted to you through the Documentum Online Training framework. 

What are the Advantages of Documentum?

Here are a couple of favorable circumstances of utilizing Documentum rather than some other Content Management Software.

Adaptable and Supportive Content Capabilities: Documentum’s most progressive capacity incorporates work process highlights, lifecycle, and inspecting which can be utilized according to your necessities.

The Spreadsheets are controlled and composed: Its framework is designed so that it makes the creation and control of profoundly mind boggling and significant records simpler and less complex than some other CMS.

Customized and User-Friendly: As it can adjust as per the prerequisite, it makes the interface especially easy to understand.

Exceptionally Configurable Documentation: It additionally has the component of arranging archives as indicated by determinations gave.

Propelled Usability for Virtual Documents: This framework helps in improving the utilization of virtual archives (for example an archive containing portions of different records from various creators), all through the association.

Upgraded User Interface: Widgets and simple to-utilize devices help in exploring the product quicker.

Robotized Features: Numbering framework or naming a record are made mechanized which helps in decreasing time and endeavors.

Security: EMC implements an elevated level of security as these documents are remained careful in the product’s controlled archive and composed.

 What is the lifecycle of the documentum?

A lifecycle in Documentum states the various stages a report experiences during the ‘lifetime’ of that specific archive. The lifecycle of Documentum gives a thought of how the progressions are made in any record as it advances through its lifetime. A lifecycle in Documentum additionally furnishes you with a warning showing when the report gets endorsed by calling the custom codes and performing explicit tasks.

It can likewise mechanize the procedure on a record for instance on the off chance that you need to mirror the approval date of the specific archive, a lifecycle state augmentation can without much of a stretch robotize the activity.

Lifecycles are made and kept up for the utilization in any record by the assistance of Documentum designer studio. Lifecycles are put away in dm policy as articles in the docbase. Be that as it may, only one lifecycle can be connected to a specific report. The r_policy id characteristic and the r_current_state credit are kept up to store archive’s lifecycle and its present state individually.

 What is the Documentum training and certification?

Documentum is a venture content administration stage, presently possessed by EMC Corporation, just as the name of the product organization that initially built up the innovation. This course is intended to give information and aptitudes to turn into a fruitful Documentum Developer. The applicant will get top to bottom information on center ideas alongside usage to constant use-cases. Tek Classes offer Documentum preparing in homeroom, on the web and self-managed video modes.

Requirements: fundamental information on java, JavaScriptbasics of web administrations and nuts and bolts of the database should have a comprehension of how a web server and application servers work. provides Online Training which is one of the most driving internet preparing firms and it is likewise giving Documentum Online Training. ITcources Training gives the best Documentum Course by our profoundly proficient ensured mentors. Online Training gives coaches to become a generally master in cloud coordination for on-premise information applications with Documentum Online Training.


  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview,
  • ECM Challenges, Need for ECM,
  • ECM Components,
  • ECM Key players
  • EMC Documentum Training Overview,
  • EMC Documentum Solutions,
  • Documentum Key Characteristics
  • Documentum Training Products
  • Content Services
  • Process Services
  • Repository Services
  • Integration Services
  • Administration & Development
  • Documentum CenterStage
  • MyDocumentum Offline
  • Content Server
  • Docbase
  • Docbroker
  • DFC
  • WDK
  • Documentum Objects
  • Cabinets & Folders
  • Users and Groups
  • Virtual Document
  • Alias Set
  • ACLs
  • Virtual Document
  • Workflow
  • Lifecycle
  • Introduce and describe Object,
  • Introduce and describe Types,
  • Type Hierarchy and inheritance,
  • Define object ID,
  • Type Storage,
  • Lightweight SysObjects,
  • Shareable Objects,
  • DQL
  • Users, User Authentication
  • Client capability
  • Basic privileges,
  • Extended privileges,
  • Creating Users,
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Groups
  • Creating Groups
  • Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Object Permissions
  • Permission Sets
  • Special Conditions
  • Folder Security
  • Creating a Permission Set
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Advanced Security
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • System Administrator Tasks,
  • Documentum Administrator,
  • Content Server Installation and Configurations,
  • Methods & Jobs
  • Introduction to Aliases
  • Alias Set, Defining Alias
  • Kinds of Alias
  • Creating Alias Set
  • Alias Scope
  • Alias Resolution Scopes
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Introduction to Custom Types,
  • Super Types, Permissions & Null type,
  • Types and Data dictionary,
  • Benefits of the Data Dictionary,
  • Creating Custom Type using Composer,
  • Document Templates,
  • Modifying Custom Types, Dropping Custom Types, Useful DQL Queries
  • Virtual Documents Definition and Benefits
  • Create Virtual Documents
  • Create a Snapshots
  • Add components to a virtual document
  • Virtual Document Preferences
  • XML Management
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Describe document content,
  • Introduction to content object,
  • How content files and objects are related,
  • Brief on Primary content & Renditions, Page number,
  • Rendition source
  • Difference between Lifecycle & Workflows
  • Describe Entry Criteria
  • Entry Actions, and
  • Post-entry Actions
  • Extended Permissions with lifecycles
  • Lifecycles & Alias sets
  • Lifecyle Related Actions
  • Lifecycle States, Useful DQL Queries
  • Workflow Concepts
  • Workflow Templates
  • Activities, Performers
  • Flows and Packages
  • Building a complex workflow
  • Simple workflow
  • Path selection
  • Dynamic performer
  • Advanced Features
  • Automated activities
  • Workflow Manager
  • Searching Overview
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Results
  • Saving Searches
  • Search Preferences
  • Subscriptions
  • Shortcuts
  • Useful SQL queries
  • DQL Overview
  • Advanced DQL
  • DQL tools: IDQL
  • DQL Overview
  • Advanced DQL
  • DQL tools: IDQL
  • BOF Overview
  • Global registry
  • Service Based Objects (SBO)
  • Type Based Objects (TBO), Aspects
  • DFS Overview
  • OOTB Platform Services, DFC Vs DFS, Building DFS Service
  • D2
  • Overview
  • Configuration

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