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ITcourCes designed online EggPlant test automation tool training to make you an expert in automation testing. In this course, you will learn the essential principles of Eggplant test management, live traceability, the entire automation testing process right from authoring scripts to evaluating results, and product development lifecycle. provides you the best Eggplant training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification. Enroll today!!

What are the EggPlant Training course objectives?
By the end of this EggPlant Training course, you will be able to:
● Setup Eggplant platform for the System under test
● Understand EggPlant integrations with the system under test
● Implement key principles of test automation: like verification, data-driven testing, record, and replay, re-using code, and synchronization.
● Structure of automated testing
 Why should you learn an EggPlant course?
● Eggplant is the most popular technology among IT industries and will continue for the next few years.
● More than 2,500+ Tester jobs are currently available in the global market.
● The average salary of an EggPlant certified professional is 135,000 USD per year.
Who should attend EggPlant Training?
This course is ideal for the following job roles:
● Testers
● Automation engineers
● Manual testers
● Aspirants willing to kick start their career in testing
What are the prerequisites for learning EggPlantTraining?
There are no particular prerequisites for learning EggPlant training, anyone can learn EggPlant courses. Basic knowledge of testing would be a plus


  • Introduction to Functional Testing
  • Benefits of Test Automation
  • When and Why to Automate Tests?
  • A look at Different Test Automation Tools
  • Overview to eggPlant
  • Applicability of eggPlant
  • Benefits of using eggPlant
  • eggPlant Vs Other leading Testing Tools available in the market
  • Installing eggPlant
  • Installing a VNC Server on your system-under-test (SUT)
  • Open a test suite
  • Add system-under-test(SUT) to your connection list
  • Open VNC connection to SUT
  • Capture images and write scripts
  • Typing on the SUT
  • Generating Text Images
  • Finding Images
  • Re-using Code
  • Gathering and using Data
  • Reading Results
  • Organize your Testing
  • Trouble shooting a connection issues
  • Overview to SenseTalk
  • Key Elements of SenseTalk
  • Values, Containers, Expressions, Chunk Expressions
  • Scripts Structure
  • Lists and property lists
  • Ranges and Iterators
  • Objects and messages
  • Commands and functions
  • Testing Mobile Devices using eggPlant
  • Cross Platform Testing using eggPlant
  • Rich Internet Application Testing using eggPlant
  • Performance Testing using eggPlant


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