Git Training

Git Training


Git training from ITCourCes will help you advance your skills for a successful career in this domain. The trainee will go through the various aspects of the Git source control system, workflow, manage files with Git, and more related source control concepts. Upon completion of this online training, the trainee will hold a solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git.

Features of the Git course:

  • Over 12 hours of Course content.
  • Language – English
  • This course is designed to provide complete and in-depth knowledge of every tool used to make a version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.
  • You will get all files used to create this course which is helpful to do the practice.
  • We provide practice models to have a better understanding of commands and tools.
  • If you have any questions regarding this course, feel free to contact us. We will love to help you.

Git online training objective:

  • Learn the main concepts of the Git source control system
  • Step through the entire Git workflow
  • Compare the different types of states in Git and compare between commits and branches
  • Manage files with Git (rename, delete, move) and update files managed outside Git
  • Make and fork vaults on GitHub and push changes back after working on them locally
  • Create branches and resolve combine conflicts like a pro

Frequently Asked Questions On Git training:

  1. Does ITCourCes offer job assistance?

ITCourCes actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the Git training.

  1. Do ITCourCes accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

  1. Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you get two types of discounts. They are referral discounts and group discounts. Group discount is offered when you join as a two or more and a Referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

  1. What is the qualification of the trainer?

The trainer is a certified consultant and has a significant amount of working experience with the technology.

  1. Can I attend a Demo Session before enrolment?

Yes. You can register or enroll for a free Git demo session.


  • Overview
  • A Brief History
  • Advantages of DVCs
  • About Git
  • Installing Git on Windows
  • Installing Git on Mac OSX
  • Installing Git on Linux
  • Configuring Git
  • How to Configure Git
  • Summary
  • Overview
  • Creating a local repository, adding files, and committing changes
  • Viewing history and diffs
  • Staging changes as multiple commits
  • Deleting and renaming files
  • Undoing changes to the working copy
  • Undoing/redoing changes in the repository
  • Cleaning the working copy
  • Ignoring files with .gitignore
  • Summary
  • Overview
  • Cloning a Remote Repository
  • Basic Repository Statistics
  • Viewing Commits
  • Git Protocols
  • Viewing Branches and Tags
  • Fetching from a Remote
  • Pulling from a Remote
  • Pushing to a Remote
  • Creating and Verifying Tags
  • Pushing Tags to a Remote
  • Summary
  • Overview
  • Visualizing branches
  • Creating local branches
  • Difference between branches and tags
  • Renaming and deleting branches
  • Recovering deleted commits
  • Stashing changes
  • Merging branches
  • Rebasing changes
  • Cherry-picking changes
  • Creating a remote branch
  • Deleting a remote branch
  • Summary
  • Intro to GitHub
  • Installing Git
  • Working With Repositories
  • README, .gitignore, and Live Editing
  • Organizations, Teams, and Collaborators
  • Issues, Wikis, and Pages
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Configuration Options
  • Setting Up Repositories
  • Local and Remote Repositories
  • Committing and Syncing
  • Reverting and Rolling Back
  • Summar
  • Introduction
  • What Merging and Rebasing are
  • Dangerous Rebasing
  • Good Examples of Merging and Rebasing
  • Branching and Merging Demo
  • Stashing Changes
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Configuring .gitattributes Files
  • Summar
  • Introduction
  • Forking Repositories
  • Pull Requests
  • Reporting and Managing Issues
  • Repository Graphs and Data
  • Using Gists
  • Profiles and Contributions
  • Summary

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