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Identity Access Management may be a framework of business processes, policies & technologies that facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities. With an Identity Access Management framework in situ , information technology (IT) managers can control user access to critical information within their organizations. you'll have better information about Identity Access Management Online Training on the web and may even have Identity Access management online training.

What is IAM-

Identity access management or, identity management, is a classification of programming instruments that permits organizations of all estimated to for the most part deal with the personalities and access privileges of every one of their workers. This is a wide portrayal and is deliberately so: There is a wide range of instruments that fall under the umbrella of personality the executives programming, or character get to the executives.

One of the primary abilities of any such character the board programming is that it enables ventures to create rules for characterizing advanced personalities for their clients for the correct conditions and in an auspicious manner. You can without much of a stretch set guidelines for getting to, both to online stages and for the workplace itself, if entryways are furnished with present-day get to control. The best resource, however, is that with character and access the board you can set and screen every one of these authorizations from the solace of your PC, on an online stage. You shouldn’t be passing out identifications, or physically circumventing the workplace to reassign clients and let them know about their refreshed authorizations. The best character the executives programming will have worked in notices and an entire slew of abilities that any chairman can work from the online interface.

Features of IAM-

The best Identity access management online training suppliers incorporate validation, approval, and document stockpiling techniques, for example,

Single sign-on This alludes to concentrating the way toward marking on to all applications identified with organizations. With SSO, IT administrators for a business can manage their organization clients’ entrance to any organization related applications, set authorizations, and effectively arrangement and workers.

Multifaceted confirmation MFA gives a critical second layer of security past typical passwords, which can undoubtedly be shared or bargained. MFA comprises of it is possible that one-time codes produced by applications on your telephone, or physical keys like Yubikeys that you plug into your machine, and award you get to when you endeavor a login.

Information stockpiling nearby or in the cloud Another significant instrument for the character the board. Generally, little and medium estimated organizations can’t have a server rack nearby, so redistributing that assignment to a character get to the executive’s supplier helps both for security and for operational expenses.

Job-based access A comparative with single sign-on usefulness, these apparatuses enable overseers to set consents for access on the character the board programming dependent on the level and level of access that a specific representative has. The better the product, the more granular the authorizations can be set.

IAM tool providers-

We have few Identity access management online training tool providers. They are

  1. IBM IAM
  2. Oracle
  3.  Sailpoint


IBM is a decision Identity access management online training tool since it offers a worth for-cash arrangement that changes the client plan of action, enabling him to accomplish business destinations and improve generally speaking cost productivity. IBM is an industry head with both convention and advancement capacities. Accordingly, numerous endeavor organizations pick it as the best across the board character get to the executive’s instrument to lessen dangers of insider risk and personality misrepresentation, oversee administrative consistence and naturally improve cooperation between clients.


Since undertakings are progressively moving to the cloud, SailPoint is an eco-accommodating model. It’s an amazing Identity access management online training tool against information ruptures and information spillage. Its ability to work with a lot of information gives an upper hand in this present reality where online information is getting greater and greater, just as it improves security for worldwide groups.


THE Prophet IAM framework has solid security capacities for web, portable, and cloud access, just as profoundly adjustable programming models. This perspective takes into consideration undertakings to depend on the framework’s worked in highlights, simultaneously having the option to browse various varieties that can be applied on a big business level. More or less, Oracle has incredible adaptability in wording customer command over the framework’s highlights and information.

IAM terms you should aware of-

Identity access management online training have few key terms that you should aware of. They are

  1. Active Directory – AD
  2. Biometric Authentication.
  3. Access management
  4. Information
  5. Digital Identity
  6. IDaaS – Identity as a service
  7. Password Reset
  8. Multi-factor login
  9. User behavior analysis
  • Account management.


  • Explain the salient features of Oracle Access Manager
  • Explain the key products that comprise the Oracle Access Management Suite
  • Explain the functional areas for each of the Oracle Access Management products
  • Explain Oracle Access Manager overall architecture
  • Explain Oracle Access Manager run-time architecture
  • Identify key Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 PS2 new features
  • OIF enhancements to the OAM admin console to support SP functionality
  • SAML attributes can be configured for OAM policy , SAML attribute can be used by OAAM risk analysis
  • Describe basic concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Explain key definitions and terminologies
  • Describe the prerequisites for installing Oracle Access Manager
  • Install Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
  • Configure seeded database schemas by using the Repository Creation Utility
  • Install and configure Oracle Access Manager
  • Perform post-installation validation checks
  • Perform an uninstallation


  • Manage Servers using OAM Administration Console and Oracle Web Logic Server Admin Console
  • Manage data sources – User Identity Store
  • Detached Credential Collector
  • Installing and Configuring Agents
  • Registering Agents – OAM Admin Console, In-Band, Out-of-Band Understanding WLS Agents
  • Manage agents using OAM Admin Console Secure Communication between WebGate and OAM Server Working with certificates – End-To-End SSL, certificates, real world SSL implementation for OAM deployments
  • Extends 11gWebgate with an option to enable Credential Collection capability (Authentication Gate)
  • Separating from server operations, External (Distributed) Credential Collector (Collect in DMZ)


  • Explain Access Control – Authentication and Authorization
  • Authentication Modules and Schemes
  • Understanding Policy Objects and Policy Model
  • Two-factor/Multi-factor authentication
  • Complex LDAP AuthZ and Response Filters
  • Resource matching and Excluded resources
  • Authorization expressions
  • LDAP search Filter support


  • OAM single sign-on and single logout
  • Sessions life cycle, caching and cookies
  • Configuring single sign-on and single logout
  • Customizing the ECC login and logout pages
  • Customizing user defined error msgs
  • Implementations of custom login pages for DCC
  • Impersonation
  • Errors codes, information and password policy validation errors
  • Protecting WLS applications with OAM
  • Identity assertion providers
  • OAM authenticator
  • Fusion Middleware audit framework
  • Audit output options
  • Configure audit settings
  • Audited events and recorded data
  • Generating audit reports
  • Configuring logging settings
  • Locating and examining logging output
  • Locating log files from other servers
  • Work with Access Tester
  • Identifying connectivity issues between agents and servers (impact of load balancers and firewalls)
  • Understand OAM specific WLST commands
  • Work with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Explain EM FMW Control integration
  • Server processes and charts
  • Topology viewer

Farm and domain

  • Using ASDK 11gR2 to create access client
  • Compatability between ASDK 10g and ASDK 11g
  • Overview of custom authentication plugins and their life cycle
  • Using extensibility APIs to create Custom Authentication plugins
  • Development methodology – Decesion point vs Hard coded
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Brief primer of APIs
  • Integrating OAM 11gR2 with RSA Authentication manager 7.x


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