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Informatica Training

overview offers excellent live online training for all the aspirants looking for the right platform. The course offered by us covers all the major insights of Informatica so that you can master all the concepts of Informatica including installation, configuration and administration, testing and monitoring, and ETL processes. Our tailored syllabus will help you crack the certification.

What are the course objectives of Informatica Online Course?

By the end of this online course, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Informatica architecture.
  • Understand the Functionalities of Repository management tool and features of PowerCenter transformation.
  • Gain working knowledge on PowerCenter to handle tasks.
  • Understand methods of deploying Informatica Admin Console
  • Change the XML partitioning, processing, and dimensions
  • Execute performance tuning and optimization.

Why should you go for the Informatica Certification Online Training?

Training offered by ITCourCes training institute is completely online, freshers, experienced professionals, and final year students conveniently take this training. In this competitive, highly dynamic and unstable industry, this job oriented training is 100% required for your success.
Who should go for the Informatica Certification Online Course?
Informatica online training can be taken by both IT and non-IT professionals. The following are a few professionals who benefit from learning Informatica online Training:

  • Architects
  • Software developers
  • DW professionals
  • Mainframe developers
  • BI professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • ETL professionals
  • Aspirants who are willing to learn Business Intelligence can learn this course.

How will the Informatica Training Course help your Career?

Informatica is one of the best data integration tool, mastering this tool will help you in gaining a good career and a decent job in reputed companies. A well trained and certified Informatica professionals are offered huge salaries in the market.

What are the prerequisites for Informatica Training Course?

There are no prerequisites for learning Informatica certified online training. Professionals from any background without prior technical knowledge can learn this course. The enthusiasm to learn and a basic understanding of the SQL is required to learn this training but not mandatory.


  • Introduction to data warehousing
  • Characteristics of data warehouse
  • How to design a data warehouse
  • Top down and Bottom up approach
  • What is a data mart
  • ETL fundamentals
  • Data Acquisition, Data Merging, Data Cleansing
  • Data Scrubbing, Data Aggregation
  • Dimensional Modeling (Dimensions, Facts)
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • PowerCenter Client Tools
  • PowerCenter Designer
  • PowerCenter Workflow Manager
  • PowerCenter Workflow Monitor
  • PowerCenter Repository Manager
  • Pass-through Mapping
  • Working with source analyzer
  • Working with target  designer
  • Working with mapping designer
  • Working with task developer
  • Working with workflow designer
  • Creating Data Source Names
  • Creating Relational Connections
  • Types of Transformations (Active/Passive)
  • Expression Transformation Usage
  • Aggregator Transformation Usage
  • Filter Transformation Usage
  • Router Transformation Usage
  • Sorter Transformation Usage
  • Rank Transformation Usage
  • Joiner Transformation Usage
  • Union Transformation Usage
  • Lookup Transformation Usage (Connected, Unconnected)
  • Stored procedure Transformation Usage (Connected, Unconnected)
  • Sequence generator Transformation Usage
  • Update Strategy Transformation Usage
  • Source Qualifier Transformation Usage
  • SQL Transformation Usage
  • SCD type-I
  • SCD type-II
  • Working with flat files
  • Fixed width and Delimited flat files
  • Flat file target example
  • Flat file source example
  • File list (Working With Multiple Files)
  • Transformation Developer Tool
  • How to create a reusable transformation
  • How to use reusable transformation in a mapping
  • Advantages of reusable transformations
  • Mapplet Designer Tool
  • How to create a mapplet (reusable business logic)
  • How to use a mapplets in a mapping
  • Advantages of mapplets
  • Limitations of mapplets
  • Types of Tasks
  • Reusable Tasks
  • Non-reusable Tasks
  • How to work with command task
  • How to work with email task
  • How to work with session task
  • How to work with decision task
  • How to work with link task
  • How to work with timer task
  • How to work with control task
  • How to work with event-wait task
  • Workflows Usage
  • How to create parallel workflows
  • How to create sequential workflows
  • How to schedule workflows
  • Worklets Usage
  • How to create a worklet
  • How to use a worklet in a workflow
  • Nesting of worklets
  • Advantages of worklets
  • Types of Caches
  • Data Cache
  • Index Cache
  • Static Cache
  • Persistent Cache
  • Dynamic Cache
  • Working with predefined functions
  • Performance Tuning
  • How to tune source
  • How to tune target
  • How to tune transformations
  • How to tune session
  • How to tune workflow

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Arjun kumar

I Joined, For the Informatica course. instructor is very knowledgeable. He describes your course in detail. Informatica training is conducted as per industry standards and is very beneficial in terms of getting placements. Thank you!!!

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