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The Java variation of Web Dynpro experienced constrained business achievement, and starting in 2010, it has been set in support. This implies the current item is bolstered to the degree that any bugs are fixed; in any case, no new users will be included. SAP's improvement exertion is presently centered around the ABAP variation of WebDynpro. WebDynpro for ABAP (WD4A, WDA) is the SAP standard UI ( UI) innovation for creating Web applications in the ABAP language. It comprises of a runtime domain and a graphical advancement condition with extraordinary WebDynpro devices that are incorporated in the ABAP Workbench (SE80). We provide you the best Java Webdynpro online training or online classes for the certification.

What are the Advantages of JAVA web DynPro?

• The utilization of decisive and graphical devices altogether diminishes the usage exertion
• Web Dynpro underpins an organized plan process
• Strict division among format and business information
• Reuse and better viability by utilizing parts
• The format and route is effectively changed utilizing the Web Dynpro devices
• Stateful applications are upheld – that is, if the page is changed and the necessary information stays flawless with the goal that you can get to it whenever all through the whole application setting. Note that stateless applications are unrealistic.
• Automatic information transport utilizing information authoritative
• Automatic information check
• User interface openness is upheld
• Full combination in the solid ABAP advancement condition.

What is Web DynPro Architecture?
Web Dynpro segments permit organizing complex Web applications and creating reusable, interfacing elements. This empowers the settling of enormous application segments. Web Dynpro parts are compartments for different elements identified with the UI and the Web Dynpro program. Elements identified with the UI are windows and perspectives. The design of a view speaks to a rectangular piece of a page showed by the customer (for instance, a program). The view contains UI components, for example, input fields and fastens. The total page sent to the customer can be set up by just one view, yet it can likewise be a blend of various perspectives. The potential blends of perspectives and streams between the perspectives are characterized in a window. A window can contain a discretionary number of perspectives. A view can be installed in a subjective number of windows. The Web Dynpro source code is situated in Web Dynpro controllers. The various leveled stockpiling for the worldwide factors of controllers is known as the setting. Web Dynpro parts can be tended to in three distinct manners:

– Using a Web Dynpro application, a Web Dynpro part can be identified with a URL, which can be called from a Web program or another Web Dynpro customer.
– When reusing a Web Dynpro segment as a sub-part, the visual interface of a Web Dynpro segment can be joined with the visual substances of the fundamental segment to shape the UI.
– When reusing a Web Dynpro segment as a sub-part, all strategies and information characterized in the programming interface can be gotten to by the fundamental segment.

Why Java Web Dynpro certification in ?
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  • Brief overview of SAP
  • Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
  • Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP
  • SAP Enterprise Portal installation
  • SAP NW Architecture
  • Portal Framework, Portal Runtime, Portal Services.
  • Building Blocks of SAP EP
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture
  • Portal Landscape
  • SAP Java Connector
  • Configuring of Java connector (JCO)
  • Integrating SAP systems
  • Understanding Knowledge Management
  • Content Management (CM)
  • Search and Classification (TREX)
  • Collaboration & Unification Overview
  • Collaboration Rooms (CR)
  • Real Time collaboration
  • EP Development Contents
  • Introduction
  • Modification of the context & UI elements at runtime
  • The use of dynamic actions


  • Remote invocation of ABAP functionality
  • The creation and management of Adaptive RFC model objects
  • The management use of adaptive RFC Model Objects

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