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The term JBoss is very nonexclusive. In the first place, it was intended to reference a Community Opensource venture called “JBoss” created by the Oracle JBoss group. Since the JBoss organization. was obtained by Red Hat, the arrangement of items grew up and to disambiguate the Supported Version from the Community Version of the Product now we can recognize: WildFly Application Server: This is the Community Version of the more seasoned "JBoss Application Server", which gives server runtime stage used to building, sending, and facilitating exceptionally value-based Java applications and administrations. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP): This is the membership-based/open-source Java EE-based application server got from WildFly and bolstered by Red Hat. You can achieve certification via taking JBOSS Online Training.

What is the difference between JBoss and Tomcat?

Both JBoss and Tomcat are Java servlet application servers, yet JBoss is a mess more. The significant contrast between the two is that JBoss gives a full Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) stack, including Enterprise JavaBeans and numerous different advancements that are helpful for designers chipping away at big business Java applications. Tomcat is significantly more constrained. One approach to consider it is that JBOSS Online Training is a JEE stack that incorporates a servlet compartment and web server, though Tomcat, generally, is a servlet holder and web server.
All things considered, it can likewise run venture applications, a reality that causes no limited quantity of perplexity.
we get confounded when [we see that] Tomcat [has] the capacity to run venture applications.”
What are the prerequisites for the certification?

• Be a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or have tantamount work understanding and abilities
• Have taken the Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I (JB248) course or have work experience managing JBoss EAP and applications running on that stage
To whom this JBoss certification will help?

IT experts who need to procure a certification that shows they have the right stuff and information expected to introduce, design, screen, oversee, and send applications to Red Hat JBoss EAP:
• Application server frameworks directors
• Application directors
• Application designers
• Sending supervisors
• Framework designers
• Quality affirmation engineers
JBOSS Online training and online classes are available in the market. Check for the better training institutions for the certification.
What is JBoss certification?

The Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration test (EX248) is a presentation based test that tests your insight and aptitudes to introduce, arrange, screen, oversee, and send applications to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Oracle JBOSS.
A Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration is for framework executives or application engineers whose duties incorporate the arrangement, usage, and the executives of JBoss EAP and its applications.
This test depends on JBoss EAP 7. We helps you in JBOSS Online Training or Online Classes for the JBoss certification.


  • Java EE Overview and Architecture
  • JBoss Background and Overview
  • Basic JBoss AS Architecture
  • Downloading and Installing JBoss AS (zip and graphical installation)
  • Starting and Stopping JBoss

• JBoss AS Directory and File Structure
• JBoss Standard Configurations and Custom Configurations
• Configuration Directory and File Structure
• JMX and the JBoss JMX Microkernel
• The JMX MBean Server in JBoss
• JBoss AS Services and Service Definitions
• The Admin Consoles (JMX and Web Consoles)

• Java EE Application Structure (Jars, Wars, Ears, Sars)
• JBoss AS Deployers
• Deploying and Redeploying Archives
• Expanded Deployments and Nested Deployments
• Deployment Dependencies and Ordering (Explicit and Implicit)
• JBoss Classloading, and Effect on Deployment

• Web Container Overview
• The server.xml and other config file
• Configuring the HTTP, HTTPS, and AJP Connectors
• JNDI and Naming Overview
• JBoss Naming Overview and Configuration
• JNDI Client Configuration
• DataSoruce and JCA Overview
• DataSource Configuration and *-ds.xml Files
• The Hypersonic Database and DefaultDS

• Remote Object Invokers
• Unified Invoker, and RMI Invoker
• HTTP Invoker
• JMS – Java Message Service
• JMS Overview
  • JBossMQ Overview
  • JBossMQ Configuration
  • JBossMQ Invokers
  • Configuring Queues and Topics
• Web Services
• Other Services – EJB, JMX Invoker Adapter, RMI Classloading
• The ServiceBindingManager

  • Java EE Security Overview
    • Authentication, Authorization, Identity
    • Security Roles
    • Web App Security Constraints
  • JBoss AS Security Architecture
  • JBoss AS Security Domains Overview
  • Defining Security Domains
  • JBoss AS Login Modules – Overview
  • Using UsersRolesLoginModule
  • Password Hashing
  • Using DatabaseServerLoginModule
  • Other Login Modules (LDAP, etc)
  • Encypting Datasource Passwords
  • Enabling SSL
    • HTTPS
    • RMI Over SSL (EJB usage)
    • Other Uses of SSL
  • Securing Other JBoss AS Services – Consoles, Invokers, and others

• JBoss AS and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
• Tuning The Heap (Memory Usage)
• Garbage Collection (GC) Overview and Generational GC
• Tuning GC
• Tuning the Web Tier (Tomcat)
• Connector Tuning
• Other Optimizations
• Database Connection Tuning
• RMI Invoker and Messaging Tuning
• Other JBoss AS Optimizations
• Creating Minimal Configurations

  • Overview (Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance, State Replication)
  • JBoss AS Clustering and JGroups Overview
  • Cluster Configuration and Partitions
  • Troubleshooting Multicast Issues
  • Farming Service
  • Clustered Naming (HA-JNDI)
  • Clustered EJB
  • Clustered HTTP – Replicated Sessions


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