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NetSuite Functional Training


I want tell you one thing upfront about NetSuite Functional Training, unless you attend our free demo, you cannot understand what you are going to get. Hence please attend our demo and join the course only if you like it. will provide you the best NetSuite Functional online training experience. This course includes setting up and configuring of NetSuite application, inventory management, supply chain and accounting for enterprise solutions. Our training is based on current IT industry requirements.

What are the Objectives of NetSuite Functional Online Training Classes?

 The main objective of this training is making aspirants/candidates to: 

      Understand the fundamentals of NetSuite.

      Understand accounting and Management inventory.

      Learn how to sell products online (E-commerce) and handle customers (consumer management) with NetSuite.

      Learn calculating growth measurements (supply management) using dashboards and analytics.

Why should you learn NetSuite Functional to grow your career? 

      NetSuite is one of the fastest-growing financial management cloud solutions and the biggest supply chain management.  

      Most of the top companies are eagerly searching for NetSuite professionals globally.

Who should learn NetSuite Functional?

NetSuite Functional training can be done by any aspirant who is willing to build their career in prospective fields. The following are job roles who benefited from taking this training:

      IT Professionals

      Software engineers

      Business analysts


What are the prerequisites for the NetSuite Functional course?

Basic knowledge of the following topics will be an added advantage for aspirants willing to learn NetSuite Functional :

      Standard ERP

      Business analytics

      CRM Business Processes

What will you learn in this NetSuite Functional training?

At the end of this training, the student will have the option to:

      Manage supply chain and control inventory.

      Work on e-commerce related data.

      Maintain customer relations and perform analytics for product supply.


5.1. Login to Netsuite
5.2. Set your preferences
5.3. Setup your dashboard
5.4. Use global search
5.5. Use Netsuite help

6.1. Set company information
6.2. Enable Features
6.3. Rename Records & Transactions
6.4. Turn off Auto Generated number
6.5. Set company preferences
6.6. Set printing, Fax, and Email Preferences

9.1. Enter contact create customer records
9.2. Create vendor records
9.3. Enter new Employee

10.1.Role Customization
10.2.Add a netsuite users
10.3.View the login Audit Trail

11.1.Subtabs, List and Fields

14.1.Import customer
14.2.Update Customer
14.3.Create custom import template

15.1.Merge duplicate records
15.2.Schedule a Mass update
15.3.Create Saved Search
15.4.Setup and use direct list edit
15.5.Create dependent dropdowns

19.1.Setup Items
19.2.Create Inventory Items
19.3.Create a Non-Inventory Items
19.4.Service Items
19.5.Other type of Item
19.6.Enter Inventory Quantities
19.7.Inventory Transfer
19.8.Inventory Adjustment

20.1.Enable Pricing features
20.2.Create a price level
20.3.Add price level to Items
20.4.Setup quantity based pricing scheduled
20.5.Generate price list
20.6.Use sales transactions to demonstrate pricing schemes

21.1. Define order management preference
21.2. Enter a sales order
21.3. Approval
21.4. Fulfill sales order
21.5. Invoice
21.6. Cash Sales
21.7. Accept customer payment
21.8. Issue a return authorization
21.9. Make a bank Deposit

22.1. Enter Purchase Order
22.2. Receive all items on a purchase order

23.1. Define accounting preferences
23.2. Bill a purchase order
23.3. Enter and approve a purchase order
23.4. Pay a Bill
23.5. Print a check

24.1. Make Journal Entries
24.2. Memorize a transaction
24.3. Close Accounting Periods

28.1. Setup Employee as a sales rep
28.2. Set sales force automation preference
28.3. Create customer sataus
28.4. Create sales rules
28.5. Create sales territory
28.6. Create an online forms

31.1. Event Type workflow
31.2. Scheduled Workflow

32.1. Reminder using saved search
32.2. Email Saved Search
32.3. Schedules saved search
32.4. Formula Saved search
32.5. Graphical representation of saved search
32.6. Saved search reports

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It was a good experience to learn Netsuite Functional online training from The trainer is really good in terms of knowledge.


I have gone through many websites.. and atlast I found these Itcources training.....Team is very professional and helpful. I had a great experience,trainer was skillful and cleared every doubt I had and they provided training material and videos for reference. Thank you Team ?


I took the online training for Net suite functional course and trust me, this is the best training website I ever came across. ITcources is the great place to learn from professionals. I got the best training for a much better price.

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