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Node.js is a server-side stage based on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and its most recent variant is v0.10.36. Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage runtime condition for creating server-side and systems administration applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and can be run inside the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Node.js likewise gives a rich library of different JavaScript modules which disentangles the improvement of web applications utilizing Node.js as it were. Node.js is a stage based on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for effectively assembling quick and adaptable system applications. Node.js utilizes an occasion driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and productive, ideal for information serious constant applications that stumble into dispersed gadgets. You can take a node JS online training and get certified.

​​What are the features of Node.js?

The following are a portion of the significant highlights that settle on Node.js the principal decision of programming designers.  

Offbeat and Event-Driven All APIs of Node.js library are nonconcurrent, that is, non-blocking. It implies a Node.js based server never trusts that an API will return information. The server moves to the following API in the wake of calling it and a warning component of Events of Node.js encourages the server to get a reaction from the past API call.  

Exceptionally Fast Being based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, Node.js library is extremely quick in code execution.

Single-Threaded yet Highly Scalable Node.js utilizes a solitary strung model with occasion circling. Occasion system encourages the server to react in a non-blocking way and makes the server exceptionally versatile rather than conventional servers which make constrained strings to deal with demands. Node.js Online Training utilizes a solitary strung program and a similar program can give administration to a lot bigger number of solicitations than conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server.  

No Buffering Node.js applications never support any information. These applications essentially yield the information in lumps.

Permit Node.js is discharged under the MIT permit.

Is Node.js a programming language?

Before node.js you could run a js translator from the order line. In any case, the vast majority didn’t have a clue about that.

Node.js incorporates that translator. What’s more, it broadens the language class library with new inherent classes particularly for taking care of record and system I/O with an inclination for nonconcurrent designs.

For security reasons, javascript initially did exclude document I/O for use in the program. What’s more, it didn’t have to do organizing errands, because the program does them. Javascript was worked out with the DOM for the program.

Node.js does exclude particular libraries for chip away at the DOM. There is likely some module you can get that do.

In this way, the first thought of node.js was to have the option to set up a web administration or a TCP server truly quick. You could, and still can, simply duplicate a code piece, put it in a js record and afterward run it with the hub, and you will have a server.

What is Node.js Certification?

The certification program is intended to exhibit fitness with the Node.js system, permit designers to set up validity, give acknowledgment of ability, and help with professional success. Expanding on crafted by network individuals and working close by with the OpenJS Foundation and the Linux Foundation, NodeSource in a joint effort with NearForm, helped clergyman the substance and will keep on offering help to guarantee the affirmation’s practical honesty and quality.

The certification is proof of information and mastery. It encourages you to advance in your vocation and it gives engineers a chance to prepare, improve and exhibit a particular ability required to be a fruitful Node.js designer today. Many Node.js online training and online classes are available so that you can get certified.

Procuring the certification not just signals a reasonable pledge to up-leveling your aptitudes, yet also, guarantees your insight in an intensely looked for field. As it were, you will stand apart from different Node.js designers.

This certification’s the subsequent stage for Node.js designers in the field and it’s an open door for preparing and consistent improvement. It’s an interest in yourself and your long haul profession. Organizations currently will have the option to discover and procure Node.js specialists simpler, possibly expanding your profit.

In this way, if you are a Node.js Developer and need to grow your capacities and acknowledgment in the market, getting certified may be the correct thing for you.



  • what is nodejs and why
  • Advantages and dis
  • How js different (java vs node)
  • Downloading and installing NodeJS
  • Create a simple node application
  • The NodeJS Terminal
  • NodeJS package manager NPM
  • Creating a package for managing your application
  • What is a module
  • Require and module exports
  • Using core modules
  • Node apps and managing a file system
  • Creating and deleting files and directories
  • Making a simple server
  • When to use HTTP and HTTPs
  • Server ports and listening
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Request and response headers and body
  • Creating a response to incoming requests
  • Building a simple HTTP server with static files
  • What is the express framework
  • How it differs to using HTTP and other core modules
  • Creating an express application
  • Making an HTTP internal server
  • Attaching express to an external server
  • The role of semantic requests
  • Socket programming
  • Real-time communication with node
  • Accessing nodejs with database
  • Creating chat server with nodejs

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