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OBIEE Administration Training


In OBIEE 10g, a large portion of OBIEE organization errands were generally performed either through the Administration tool, the online Presentation Server organization screen, or through altering records in the filesystem. There were around 700 or so setup choices spread over various apparatuses and arrangement records, with certain choices like clients and gatherings were inserted in random archives (the RPD). In OBIEE 11g, all organization and design undertakings are moved into Fusion Middleware Control additionally called Enterprise Manager. An organization device that was available in OBIEE 10g is likewise present in 11g and is utilized to keep up the semantic model utilized by the BI Server. It has not many upgrades regarding measurement taking care of and new information sources. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition- OBIEE is a BI instrument by Oracle. It offers standard foundation creation and conveying undertaking reports, dashboards, scorecards, specially appointed investigation, and OLAP gives a rich end-client experience. provides you the best OBIEE Administration online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What are the features of OBIEE?

OBIEE is a great deal of business Intelligence gadgets that are known for being less dreary with respect to performing data examination, applying various procedures for report creation and removing reiteration in report creation. provides you the best OBIEE Administration online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

  • RPD Presentation layer thinks about making this thing
  • Completely completed interface in WEB; Rich canny sheets
  • Backing for Level based hierarchy and destroyed dynamic framework
  • OBIEE gives a segment of Enterprise Reporting
  • Simple Microsoft Office Integration
  • OBIEE grants a customer to make their reports from the scratch
  • Coordination with MS Office and Multilingual assistance
  • The device offers a persistent prepared engine which relies upon the business Events.

What are the Advantages of OBIEE?

Here, are experts/central purposes of using OBIEE:

  • Continuous data invigorating inside pariah traders, for instance, Microsoft applications
  • It urges you to make new discoveries or changing existing ones with no IT help.
  • Maps and spatial recognitions help you to screen the examination.
  • This logical instrument urges customers to see and separate data.
  • Offers estimations to measure the state of the data
  • Shows present key pointers of changes in the market designs, etc.
  • You don’t require a significant degree of particular capacities to run this BI mechanical assembly.
  • Offers incredible Customizations
  • Multilanguage reports can be made with data.
  • Report creation from Scratch
  • Coordination with noteworthy data sources.

What is OBIEE Training?

This OBIEE preparation from is intended to give nitty-gritty information on the OBIEE Administration Online Training. You will be trained in various Business Intelligence situations, BI life cycle, ideas of OLAP and working on diagrams and charts. This OBIEE 12c internet preparation will assist you in producing layouts and reports.

Prologue to OBIEE, installation of OBIEE, What are data models and why you use them? The extension, reach and advantages of information modeling, data warehousing, sample OBIEE Report, the business necessity inborn in information demonstrating, different contextual investigations, the information displaying suggestions and the effect of information demonstrating on business insight.

This OBIEE Administration online training class is intended to clear the Oracle BI Foundation Essentials test. The entire course content is by the certification program and causes you to clear the certification test effortlessly and select in the best positions in top MNCs. provides you the best OBIEE Administration online training in the Bangalore.




  • Clients
  • OBI Presentation Services
  • OBI Server
  • OBI Repository (.rpd)
  • Data Sources
  • OBI Administration Tool
  • OBI Answers
  • Intelligence dashboards
  • Oracle Business Analysis Warehouse
  • DAC and Informatica Server
  • Informatica Server ETL
  • Sample Request Processing
  • Using the OracleBI Administration Tool
  • Repository Directory
  • Repository Files ( Initialization files and log files)
  • Informatica Server ETLLoading a repository into Oracle BI Server memory
  • Creating a repository
  • Connection Pool
  • Repository Modes ( ONLINE and OFFLINE )
  • Physical Layer
  • Business Model & Mapping Layer
  • Presentation Layer
  • Presentation Catalogs, Folders and Columns
  • Error Messages
  • Defining an ODBC System DSN
  • Setting up connection pool properties
  • Importing data sources ( Physical Schema )
  • Verifying the import
  • Defining physical keys and joins
  • Creating alias and select tables
  • Creating the logical business model
  • Creating the logical tables, columns, and sources
  • Defining logical joins
  • Adding Calculation to a Fact Table
  • Building measures
  • Creating a new Presentation Catalog
  • Modifying Presentation layer objects
  • Rename tables
  • Reorder Table
  • Checking repository consistency
  • Defining a repository in the initialization file
  • Testing a repository using Oracle BI Answers
  • Message Severity
  • Viewing Server Logs
  • Adding multiple logical table sources to a logical table
  • Specifying logical content
  • Creating new calculation measures based on existing logical columns
  • Creating new calculation measures based on physical columns
  • Creating new calculation measures using the Calculation Wizard
  • Creating dimension hierarchies
  • Creating level-based measures
  • Purpose of aggregate tables in dimensional modeling
  • Modeling aggregate tables to improve query performance
  • Testing aggregate navigation
  • Using Initialization Blocks Repository Variables
  • Accessing database directly
  • Using time comparisons in business analysis
  • Using Oracle BI time series functions to model time series data
  • Creating dimension hierarchies
  • Creating level-based measures
  • Introduction to Oracle BI Answers
  • Working with requests in Oracle BI Answers
  • Using advanced formatting
  • Creating report Level Hierarchy
  • Introduction to filters in Answers
  • Adding filter prompts to requests
  • Using saved requests as filters
  • Introduction to Answers views and charts
  • Creating and editing charts
  • Performing common view tasks
  • Creating a Narrative View
  • Creating a column Selector
  • Introduction to pivot tables
  • Formatting pivot tables
  • Setting aggregation rules and building formulas

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