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Okta is a guarded character cloud that connections all your applications, logins and devices into a bound together advanced texture. With Okta, you're ready for action on the very beginning, with each application and program you use to work, immediately accessible. Regardless of whether you're at your work area or in a hurry, Okta consistently interfaces you to all that you need. Okta highlights incorporate Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD) and LDAP coordination, the concentrated de-provisioning of clients, multifaceted verification (MFA), portable personality the executives, and adaptable approaches for association security and control. You can get trained and certified via Okta online training.

Is Okta used for salesforce or for other app’s-

It tends to be utilized for any sort of application. OKTA is not a Privileged Access Management and not for favored clients. It is just for Identity and Access Management. OKTA is improving step by step. The quick method to learn OKTA can be found in this OKTA preparing.

Contrast OKTA and different applications:

Like in SailPoint personality now it is rising not steady like OKTA and gentrify another these are the contenders. OKTA is a cloud administration and is an approach to work. OKTA ha an engineer expansion which is free yet has a few confinements like should just have 20 applications and 1000 clients. At that point, you have the creation occasion where the much you pay the more the offices and clients you can have. In the OKTA preparing you will find out about a choice in OKTA preparing, that in OKTA you can be as an administrator and a designer too. Just as different applications, Splunk makes machine information reachable, utilizable and accommodating to everybody.

More about Okta-

OKTA is a Template based; there is a package of formats in ready applications. In ready application on the off chance that you don’t have a format, at that point, you have a Protocol layout, as SAML, or ordinarily incorporated confirmation whatnot. In this way, you simply utilize that format and give all the data, similar to what is the login URL, Redirecting URL, or if there should arise an occurrence of SAML what is the element ID and so forth.

In the OKTA preparing, the OKTA application arranges there are 5483 formats and it is expanding each day. Utilizing this format you can interface with any of the applications. If you don’t have the layout you can utilize the connectors close to. No establishment is required.

It is possibly required when you attempt to on-board an Ad, all things considered, you will introduce an Ad specialist, if there should be an occurrence of SCIM connector you will utilize the SCIM operator, that is the main establishment required. Virtual occupation bolster gives OKTA venture support from India.

Here in OKTA, there is no line present, There is just gathering, given certain criteria like Users Attribute Value you can allocate clients to various gatherings. You can arrange for any Ad or any focused on applications. For Ad you have Ad operator that can arrangement clients to the target application, there is one help account required to introduce the Ad specialist, which ties the specialist to the Ad. We provide online training for Okta.

Pre-Requisites for Okta-

There are few Pre-Requisites for Okta. They are

  1. You should have knowledge on Unix, Linux platforms.
  2. Good knowledge on cloud platforms.
  3. Should have very good knowledge on networking and network administration.

 What kind of organizations use Okta-

Okta has clients in numerous organizations, from private companies to organizations with a huge number of representatives. Okta is broadly utilized in the instruction and social insurance industry, similarly to Workspace 365. Inside the instruction business, Okta helps instructive foundations and in this way understudies and representatives around the globe to work all the more effectively.

Inside social insurance, for instance, tolerant information can be better secured with the utilization of Okta. Okta is additionally generally utilized in non-benefit, budgetary administrations, travel and recreation industry, innovation, vitality, and the legislature. For every one of these ventures, Okta offers applications that can be connected with Single Sign-On.

 Okta with workspace 365-

Inside Workspace 365, we have incorporated a few Single Sign-On arrangements, including Okta. What’s more, we are continually searching for new answers to incorporate. With Okta, you have the decision of in excess of 7,000 applications in a wide scope of branches. New applications are included every day, of which they always screen the status and look after associations.

A medicinal services foundation with 2,000 representatives can, for instance, use Okta in mix with Workspace 365 on the grounds that they need to sort out their work all the more proficiently and securely. Okta is a decent decision since they offer Single Sign-On to all applications. This spares a great deal of time and offers access to all applications in the advanced workspace with one login. For more knowledge on Okta, you can undergo online training and certification.


Introduction to Security Domain

What is SSO and why SSO

Types of SSO

Different SSO providers/products within the market

Types of federate SSO protocols

What is SAML

Who could be a Service Provider(SP)

Who is associate degree Identity Provider(IDP)

SAML Basics and kinds of SAML communications

Intro to OKTA

OKTA design

OKTA Universal Directory ideas

Profile Editor ideas

Types of directors and their permissions

Implement and piece MFA

SAML Application Configuration with OKTA

SWA Application Configuration with OKTA

Bookmark Application Configuration with OKTA

Manage SSO and Provisioning

Reports Analysis and debugging

Basic troubleshooting steps for OKTA in SAML perspective

SL(Certificate) handclasp ideas and troubleshooting different problems

Pricing and options

Active Directory Agent Basics and flow

Active Directory word correct Agent Basics and flow

Integrated Windows Authentication Basics and flow

Radius Agent Basics and flow

Modifying your OKTA instance look and feel

Walk Through of OKTA console and make a case for every topic thoroughly

Monitoring OKTA Trust Portal

Contacting OKTA Support just in case of support

Best Configuration practices for associate degree OKTA Instance

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