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Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) is a finished joining answer for arranging dexterous, client-driven business forms across big business applications. AIA offers prebuilt arrangements at the information, procedure, and UI levels, conveying a total procedure answer for business end clients. The entirety of the AIA segments is intended to work in a blend and-match design. They are worked for configurability, at last assisting with bringing down IT costs and the weight of the building, broadening, and looking after combinations. Controlled by Oracle Fusion Middleware, AIA empowers associations to utilize their preferred uses to make Composite Business Processes (CBPs) following these core values, which characterize the guidelines for improvement, support, and utilization of a help situated design (SOA): • Reuse, granularity, measured quality, make capacity, componentization, and interoperability. • Gauges consistency (both normal and industry-explicit). • Administration recognizable proof and arrangement, provisioning and conveyance, and checking and following. provides you the best Oracle AIA online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What is Oracle AIA in detail?

The Oracle Application Integration Architecture is a finished measure based incorporation and handling system advanced by Oracle Corporation dependent on the Oracle Fusion Middleware stage. The AIA system is structured and constructed dependent on the different assortments of SOA best practices, standards, and models. Along these lines, an AIA approach gives an SOA-based combination structure, reference engineering, execution philosophies, and best practices for incorporating different business applications. This methodology assists with building the application combination and undertaking business forms as progressively nonexclusive and adjust those procedures to meet business necessities. The AIA combination approach additionally assists with building a Plug-and-Play reconciliation arrangement which brings down IT costs, is quicker to fabricate, adjusts rapidly, and lessens the support overhead. It likewise addresses the SOA configuration torment focuses, for example, administration disintegration, granularity, and standard appropriation.

AIA encourages ventures to utilize the current application resources to construct composite business procedures and coordination arrangements. Prophet has an assortment of use items that require an incorporation answer for consistently team up with one another. Prophet has comprehended the significance of incorporating its application items, so Oracle gives best practices and reference answers for fabricating such reconciliations.

 What is Point to Point intersection?

This methodology is otherwise called coordinated integration. Point-to-point is fundamentally a decentralized systems administration way to deal with legitimately interface two PCs or frameworks. From the reconciliation perspective, it is progressively about incorporating two unique frameworks or interfaces through a typical transportation system. A point-to-point coordination design makes higher reliance between application frameworks and interfaces as it fundamentally authorizes a tight joining model. provides you the best Oracle AIA online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

This methodology at first shows a lower in advance speculation, however when more connections are made between every application, the multifaceted nature of the joining increments. When the multifaceted nature builds, it gets hard to modify or improve the interface. This methodology likewise requires refreshing each coordinated application if any of the frameworks require changes in the interface information model.

 What is message oriented middleware?

Message arranged middleware is a framework based combination approach where conveyed frameworks and applications share information/data as messages over the system. This is the most mainstream and effective mix engineering received by numerous endeavors. Contrasting with the former methodologies, the message situated combination approach encourages free coupling, less reliance, and high unwavering quality.

The MOM design is, fundamentally, worked around the Message Queue (MQ) and JMS utilizing an informing specialist. A message intermediary is a server component that continues messages and tracks message conveyances. Commonly, a message situated joining approach follows a distribution/buy-in design. A large portion of the informing agents depends on Java Messaging Service (JMS) principles. IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS depend on JMS measures. AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol) is another informing standard which is being trailed by intermediaries, for example, Apache Qpid and Rabbit MQ.

 What is Oracle AIA certification?

Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) conveys Pre-constructed Integrations as either Direct Integrations or Process Integrations Packs. Through Oracle AIA Online  Training, get familiar with the combination styles, similar to information-driven incorporation, web administrations, Oracle AIA online training and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

AIA Certifications assist you with building up the abilities to execute pre-manufactured reconciliations as either direct incorporations or procedure mixes packs. By figuring out how to consolidate the intensity of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware, alongside a lot of top tier application items and business administrations, you’ll gain certainty by building up another range of abilities.

Prophet Application Integration Architecture Communications, or Oracle AIA Communications, get pre-assembled incorporations as either Direct Integrations or Process Integrations Packs. With Oracle AIA online Training, get hands-on guidance that tells you the best way to utilize this arrangement from a group of master Oracle teachers.


  • Reviewing SOA
  • Describing AIA Architecture
  • Discussing supporting products
  • About Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs)
  • About Enterprise Business Messages (EBMs)
  • About Enterprise Business Services (EBSs)
  • About Application Business Connector Services (ABCS)
  • Accessing AIA Artifacts
  • Discussing Business Process Modeling & Functional
  • Decomposition
  • About Service Construction
  • Discussing Deployment Plan Generation
  • Installation and Deployment
  • Designing an ABCS
  • Creating an ABCS using the Service Constructor
  • Completing ABCS Development
  • Discussing EBM Structure
  • EBS in depth
  • Implementing an EBS
  • Harvesting AIA Composites
  • Overview on Harvesting
  • About AIA’s Usage of Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • Overview on Deployment
  • Generating the Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Deploying and Installing Services
  • Extending EBOs, EBMs, and EBSs
  • Creating new EBOs, EBMs, and EBSs
  • About Message Exchange Patterns in Services
  • About Transactions
  • About Guaranteed Message Delivery
  • About Publish / Subscribe Pattern
  • Discussing Error Handling Framework
  • About Error Notification
  • About Fault Policies
  • About Error Handling Extensibility
  • About Error and Trace Logging
  • What is ABCS Extensibility?
  • Extending an ABCS
  • Overview of AIA Developer Tools
  • What is XSL Mapping Analyzer (XMAN)?
  • About PIP Auditor


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