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Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is engineering for making electronic front end pages and J2EE sort of uses inside the Oracle EBS ERP platform. Oracle Application Framework is the improvement and arrangement phase created by Oracle to create up the Oracle E-Business Suite "Self-Service" or HTML based Applications. OA Framework depends on the business standard Model-View-Controller(MVC) structure design and can be utilized to create expansions to existing E-Business Suite usefulness. Oracle Application (OA) empowers you to customize the format of the UI and the substance it presentations to suit your business needs. Prophet's JDeveloper instrument with an Oracle Applications augmentation is utilized for advancement for the Oracle Applications Framework and utilizations Java and XML dialects for the equivalent. Oracle Application Framework (OA Framework or OAF) is a structure created by Oracle for application development inside the Oracle E-Business. provides you the best Oracle Application Framework online training or online classes in the Bangalore for the certification.

What are the components of OAF?

MVC engineering is a segment based plan design with clean interfaces between the Model, View, and Controller.

The Model is the place the application executes its business rationale. All the BC4J parts in OAF go under Model like AM (Application Module), VO (View Object), EO (Entity Object), VL (View Link) and AO (Association Object).

EO(Entity Objects) Entity Object depends on a database table or other information source. Entity Object contains traits that speak to database columns.

VO View Objects depend on EO or SQL Query which is again founded on EO Objects Two sorts 1. SQL based 2. EO based VO is synonymous with sees utilized in PLSQL Programming they are utilized for joining tables, sifting dependent on conditions and arranging the information.

Application Module Its a compartment for VO. When you make an Application Module you have to relate the comparing VO to the Application Modules.

The View is the place the application executes its UI. View implies the UI (User Interface) that is noticeable to the Users.

What are the difference between ADF and OAF?

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a start to finish application improvement structure based on Java Enterprise Edition (EE) gauges utilized for building completely useful venture applications to meet a wide assortment of necessities. OA Framework (OAF) is an exclusive system created by Oracle to expand its E-Business Suite applications Oracle Application Framework Online Training.

Brute depends on the business standard MVC configuration design which alludes to the Model View Controller engineering and contained three layers: Model, View, and Controller. ADF is additionally founded on the Model-View-Controller design yet includes four layers: Model, View, Controller, and Business Layer.

ADF is autonomous of Oracle Applications and can be sent to Oracle WebLogic Server. Designers can test the applications utilizing the Integrated WebLogic Server that is incorporated with the JDeveloper establishment and afterward convey the applications to application servers. Brute, then again, not at all like ADF, can’t be utilized independent; truth be told, it’s attached to Oracle Applications and can be conveyed uniquely to Oracle Application Framework Online Training. The WebLogic drops as a matter of course in Fusion Applications and ADF is at the focal point of the Fusion innovation stack.

What is OAF certification?

Holding an Oracle Certification accreditation brings proficient validity, expanded procuring power, and more noteworthy employment fulfillment. Many Oracle Application Framework online training or online classes are available in the market.

Under Oracle OAF, Oracle Application Framework preparing predominantly center is given around learning OA structure-based application and J2EE programming to choose, update, embed and recognize information from an oracle interface application. This post remembers a conversation for the Oracle Certification course with its advantages, aptitude picked up by an OAF Certified Expert and a lot more which will assist you with getting an outline of this preparation program in detail.

  • Aides in building a basic Oracle Application Framework Application
  • One will have the option to customize OAF Applications and Pages no problem at all
  • OA Framework Applications can be exhausted no problem at all
  • Send OA Framework Applications and Pages rapidly


  • Oracle Applications Framework
  • OAF and MVC
  • OAF Process Flow
  • More about OAF
  • JDeveloper Features
  • Building OAF Application in JDeveloper
  • Configuring JDeveloper Preferences
  • Understand the basics of BC4J
  • Understand an Entity Object
  • Understand a View Object
  • Understand an Application Module

• Understand the terminology
• Building a basic OA Framework page
• List of Values
• Building Search Regions

• Using JDeveloper debugger
• Examine Runtime variables and arguments
• Modify Runtime variables and arguments

  • Understanding OA Framework Controller
  • Enhance an OA Framework page
  • OA Framework : Message Dictionary
  • Initial Setup Flow
  • Controller Event Flows
  • Request Flow (GET)
  • Submit Flow (POST)
  • General Naming Rules
  • Package Naming
  • Page and Region Naming
  • Item Naming
  • Exception types and Classes
  • Bundled exceptions
  • Dialog pages
  • Debugging messages
  • Client Validations
  • Required values and Data types
  • Server Validations
  • Entity object and View object validations

• Using Auto Submit
• Using Partial Submit
• Trigger and Target Components
• Implementing Partial Page Rendering

• OA Framework State Caches
• Passivation
• “Back” button support

• Types of Extension
• Overriding Default Values
• Override Attribute Validation

  • BC4J and JDBC Guidelines
  • SQL Tracing
  • Monitor Connection Pool
  • OA Framework Performance Standards
  • OA Framework page menus
  • Registering functions for OA Framework pages
  • Creating Responsibilities and Users
  • Using JSP test page
  • Date and Timezone Internationalization
  • Number and Currency Internationalizatio
  • Testing Internationalization

• Creating Deployment Profiles
• Deploying Model
• deploying View and Controller

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