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Oracle Demantra is an interest in the board and store network the executive's device gave by Oracle. It helps in empowering the robotized figure process that at the same time maps request determining against variables, for example, supply limitations, client responsibilities, and stock tallies. Usage of Oracle Demantra brings about higher help levels, more noteworthy consumer loyalty, lower stock expenses, and lower appropriation costs. Execution of Oracle Demantra results in: • Higher help levels. • More noteworthy consumer loyalty. • Lower stock expenses. • Lower conveyance costs.

What are the Benefits of Oracle Demantra?

• It is the top tier supplier of interest the executives, deals, and activities arranging, and exchange advancements the board arrangements.
Oracle Demantra Demand Management arrangement allows you to detect, plan for, and proactively react to request by sharing a one-number arrangement that adjusts your association across offices and clients.
• Demantra Demand Management permits you to display new items dependent on the lifecycle of existing items, or you can demonstrate new items or adaptations that supplant existing items.
• Demantra Real-time Sales and Operations Planning gives organizers and supervisors the data and arranging apparatuses they have to assume responsibility for every day arranging forms.
• Demantra Real-time Sales and Operations Planning gives the establishment to a responsive deal and activity arranging process that empowers the present and developing accepted procedures in versatile interest-driven arranging.
• Demantra Predictive Trade Planning gives you unrivaled exactness and modernity in volume anticipating, pre-occasion reproduction, and post-occasion assessment, all at account supervisors’ fingertips.
• Demantra Predictive Trade Planning gives exhaustive deals and record arranging condition that permits account chiefs to deal with every standard deal gauging and account arranging exercises from a solitary screen.

What are the prerequisites of Oracle Demantra training?

The prerequisites of Oracle Demantra Training are:

• Before getting prepared on the Oracle Demantra Online Training we should know the Demantra.
• Combination Middle Ware ought to likewise be known for this course.
• Endeca, Oracle Apps to be known to get preparing for this course.
• Recognizable to this SQL Server, PeopleSoft DBA courses can participate in ORACLE DEMANTRA Online Training.
• Fundamental information ought to be there on these courses ORMB, OTM, CCB and ORMB Analytics for the Oracle Demantra preparing.

What is Oracle Demantra Training and certification?

Oracle Demantra Online Training is a prerequisite power and the store network the executive’s instrument which is given by Oracle. Oracle Demantra Training is the stage for the application arranging and coordinated effort and it is apparatus for creating the measurable estimate. Oracle Demantra Online Training helps in the lenient customized figure. This Oracle Demantra Online Training gives the best outcome like consumer loyalty will be high, division cost will be low and the record cost additionally is less. gives the best Oracle Demantra Certification training by the best mentors from India. The online classes or online training is additionally accessible with the day in and day out servers. Best Oracle Demantra Online Training Certification offered by the best corporate coaches from India and they are knowledgeable about this course they will completely cover the most recent course content.


  • Demantra overview
  • Demantra applications
  • Integration details
  • Demantra features
  • Demantra glossary
  • Demand Management Capability
  • Demand Management Process flow
  • Collaborator Workbench Overview
  • Worksheets
  • Views
  • Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data
  • Notes
  • Layout Designer
  • Creating Worksheets
  • Embedded Worksheets
  • Open and Open with context
  • Audit Trail Overview
  • Creating and Executing Audit Trails
  • Dimensions
  • Level overview
  • Level types
  • Level hierarchy
  • Level Editor
  • Hierarchy Configuration

• Understanding Series
• Configure Series
• Aggregation and Disaggregation
• Series features and functionalities
• Series Expressions

• User creation and access
• User group

  • Component Overview
  • Giving privileges from Component
  • Key Demantra Staging Tables
  • Key Demantra Base Tables

• Demantra workflow manager
• Workflow Steps
• Creating Schemas
• Creating Schema Groups

  • NPI overview
  • Member Management
  • Chaining Management

• Data model Wizard Overview
• Building the Data Model
• Upgrading the Data Model

  • Integration Interface Overview
  • Inbound Integration Interfaces
  • Outbound Integration Interface
  • Creating and Executing Integration Interfaces

• Building Forecast Tree
• Setting System Parameters
• Selecting Forecast Models
• Running Forecast Engine

• Configure Units and Exchange Rates

• ASCP Collections
• Demantra Collections
• Legacy Collections

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