Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Online Training

Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Training


The Oracle Fusion administration arranged stage and applications suite joins cutting edge endeavor innovations, applications, and administrations, including Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware, to change the elements in the applications commercial center and reform business.We provide Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical online Training.

What is Oracle Fusion Application-

Utilizing the most recent innovation and joining the accepted procedures assembled from Oracle’s clients, Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of 100% open principles-based business applications that give another standard to how organizations improve, work and receive innovation. Conveyed as a total suite of particular, administration empowered endeavor applications, Oracle Fusion Applications works with Oracle’s Applications Unlimited portfolio to develop business to another degree of execution. Regardless of whether it is one module, an item family, or the whole suite, Oracle gives organizations their decision of all headways spearheaded by Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Online Training, at a pace that matches singular business requests.

Oracle Fusion Applications can best be portrayed as:

  • Based on an open principles-based stage
  • In light of best practices business forms
  • Sent through a choice of alternatives
  • Worked with security as a need

Standard based Architecture-

Oracle Fusion Applications are guidelines based, making it profoundly versatile. This benchmarks based innovation empowers you to react successfully to change with adaptable, measured, client-driven business programming that is fueled by top tier business capacities based on open gauges. Its innovation structure incorporates the accompanying items:

  • Oracle WebCenter gives configuration time and runtime instruments for building venture entryways, value-based sites, and long-range interpersonal communication locales.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence 11g gives a full scope of business insight capacities that empower you to break down, present, report, and convey hierarchical information.
  • Oracle Universal Content Management empowers you to use archive the executives, Web content administration, advanced resource the executives; and records maintenance usefulness to manufacture and supplement your business applications.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server is adaptable, endeavor prepared application server dependent on Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

Utilizing a measures based engineering lessens the expense for joining and empowers you to reuse frameworks and advancements. Measures based engineering likewise builds the adaptability of the applications. You can fit the applications to your business by arranging the UI yet also the business protests, the business forms, the business rationale, and business knowledge.

The simplicity of overseeing Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Online Training offers a low absolute expense of possession that outcomes in a quicker rate of profitability by utilizing devices for fast arrangement and adaptable organization models, just as giving security to redesigns.

Business Processes-

Oracle Fusion Applications consolidates best practices business forms, including those from Oracle product offerings, for example, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Oracle On Demand, JD Edwards, and Siebel to advance the client experience and efficiency.

The Oracle Fusion Applications UI encourages the client-driven, natural structure of the applications that outcome in enormous efficiency gains. The UI plan of Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Online Training is:

  • Job-based, which empowers unavoidable conveyance in numerous modes, gadgets, and channels
  • Configurable and extensible, through JDeveloper during configuration time or the writer during runtime, which upgrades efficiency for singular clients and gatherings of clients
  • Composite and relevant, giving coordinated data with regards to the process
  • Social and communitarian, offering worked in client networks and workspace, Web 2.0 data dissemination, and installed social registering to improve cooperative work

Explicit highlights of the UI include:

  • Job-based dashboards that you can design to your business needs
  • Brought together worklists that give arrangements of undertakings from over the applications
  • Guided Business Processes, which are composed arrangements of undertakings that assist you with accomplishing your work all the more productively

SOA – service oriented Architecture-

Administration situated engineering (SOA) gives a venture design that supports building associated endeavor applications to give answers for business issues. SOA encourages the advancement of big business applications as particular business web benefits that can be effectively incorporated and reused, making an adaptable, versatile IT foundation.

SOA utilizes arrangement innovation to amass different administrations to give extensive usefulness. In Oracle Fusion Applications, numerous item applications give their usefulness as web administrations. Prophet Business Process Management is utilized to amass these web administrations to give start to finish usefulness.

Prophet SOA Suite, a middleware segment of Oracle Fusion Middleware, gives a total arrangement of administration foundation parts for planning, sending, and overseeing SOA composite applications. It empowers administrations to be made, overseen, and coordinated into SOA composite applications. Composites empower you to effortlessly amass various innovation parts into one SOA composite application.


  1. Introduction to Oracle Cloud Applications
  2. Oracle Fusion Architecture
  3. Oracle Cloud Service Types
  4. Types of Oracle Cloud Applications
  5. Oracle Cloud deployment options
  1. Oracle Cloud Portals (My Services & My Account)
  2. Functional Setup Manager Overview
  3. Fusion Offerings, Functional Areas, Features, Task Lists & Tasks
  1. Oracle Fusion Security Model (Role Based Access Control)
  2. Users Overview
  3. Various User Account Types (Implementation & Functional)
  4. Role Overview & Types of Roles in Fusion
  5. Role Inheritance
  6. Role Provisioning/Role Mapping
  7. Security Console: Benefits/Features
  8. Reference Data Sets
  1. Lookups
  2. Value sets
  3. Descriptive Flexfields
  4. Extensive Flexfields
  5. Key Flex Fields
  6. Introduction to UCM Directory and It’s Usage
  1. Approval Workflow Overview
  2. Approval Rules
  3. Approver Types
  4. Approvals & Notifications
  5. BPM Work list Overview
  6. Approval Management in BPM Work list
  1. Overview of Inbound Integrations
  2. Fusion Data Loaders
  3. Download ADFDi Patch
  4. Spread Sheet Data Loader (ADFDi)
  5. HCM Data Loader (HDL) – Formerly FBL
  6. File-Based Data Import (FBDI Approach)
  7. Introduction of ESS Jobs
  8. Inbound Web Services Overview
  9. Inbound Automation
  1. Overview of Fusion Reporting Tools
  2. BI Publisher Architecture   
  3. BI Publisher: Data Model, Reports, Layouts & Templates
  4. BI Publisher: Scheduling & Delivery
  5. BI Report Bursting
  6. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Architecture
  7. OTBI: Security
  8. OTBI: BI Analysis, Subject Areas, Folders and Attributes
  9. OTBI: Delivering Content (Agents)
  10. Outbound Automations
  11. OTBI Analysis based BI Report
  12. Dash board Creation & Publish
  1. Fusion Applications Extensibility, Customization & Personalization
  2. Sandbox Functionality
  1. Creation of Custom Objects
  2. Data loading for Custom Objects
  3. Captures the Custom Objects data from back end
  4. Custom Objects usage in Value sets

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