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Oracle Procure to pay Training


All things considered, it is a methodology that is ordinarily called P2P. Fundamentally, it is the way toward satisfying the requirement for crude material which is required to achieve producing and other significant assignments inside an association basically. The installment creation of the crude material is additionally remembered for this. Perhaps the best thing about this cycle is it effectively empowers them to deal with their income without confronting significant issues. The absolute first thing that empowers the clients to keep up the pace essentially is only arranging. Arranging is really obligatory to deal with the things at their level best. This unmistakably expresses the sort of material required and precisely when. It additionally mirrors the cost wherein an organization is obligated to pay them. Next is to set up a rundown that gives data about the sellers who are in a situation to supply the necessity dependably. Associations can request the citation and other helpful data from them with the goal that ultimate conclusions could be taken. provides you the best Dell Boomi online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification. provides you the best Oracle Procure to Pay online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What are the Advantages of Procure to pay?

  • It is proficient to beat various dangers that an association may need to tolerate.
  • Arrangement of some propelled archives can be made simple with this methodology
  • It is able to track everything which doesn’t make mistakes
  • Supervisors can generally ensure having better power over the framework.
  • It is able to force a breaking point on the general labor prerequisite without trading off with the effectiveness
  • Every single inefficient job in the concerned offices can undoubtedly be recorded and highlighte

What are the components of the Procure to pay?

  • Market Placement
  • Organization Identity
  • Settling the board issues
  • Upgrading organization capacities

All things considered, there are sure advantages to this. The absolute first thing is clients can watch out for the general utilization. Furthermore, supplies and products can without much of a stretch be overseen in a solid way. This makes it simple for clients to see how and when they need to purchase the products next time. In addition, a shut-eye can be kept in transit the merchandise is used in the association. There are a few other beneficial things that basically empower associations to infer brings about this issue.

the most ideal path is to coordinate the stock got with the utilization register. This just gives all the data with respect to the blunder. In the event that there is as yet a jumble, there are chances that the got stock has a blunder in it. provides you the best Oracle Procure to Pay online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

The seller ought to be in a situation to supply them on schedule. This is important to ensure no cutoff time of the undertaking is disregarded under any circumstance. The following enormous thing about the merchant to focus on is the reputation of them in giving the provisions. Sellers would cop up with the strategies of the associations and ought to give top quality keeping the cost as low as could be expected under the circumstances.

What is Procure of pay certification?

This course covers the full ‘Acquire to Pay’ cycle from where a prerequisite for merchandise or administrations is recognized to where the provider’s receipt is settled.

This course is intended for clients in Procurement, Facilities, and Finance divisions. It is especially appropriate for those with a supervisory or the board obligation who might be assigned a ‘super-client’ in their own association. Representatives ought to have working information on the acquirement procedure inside their own association. provides Oracle Procure to Pay Online Training which is one of the most driving internet preparing firms and it is likewise giving Oracle Integration Administrator Training. Oracle Integration Administrator Training gives the best Oracle Integration Administrator Course by our profoundly proficient ensured mentors. Oracle Procure to Pay Online Training gives coaches to become a generally master in cloud coordination for on-premise information applications with Oracle Integration Administrator Classroom Training.


  • Administration and Course Materials
  • Course Structure and Agenda
  • Delegate and Trainer Introductions
  • Overview of Oracle Purchasing
  • Matching Options
  • Integration with Oracle Payables
  • Supplier Overview
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Contracts
  • Solicitations
  • Supplier Sites
  • Supplier Account Balances
  • Inquire on a Supplier
  • Add a Supplier
  • Amend an Existing Supplier
  • Merge Supplier/Supplier Sites
  • Add an Attachment to a Supplier Record
  • Create an Approved Suppliers List
  • Define Master Items
  • Assign a Master Item to an Organization
  • Update Parameters Specific to an Organization
  • Copy Item Attributes From a Template
  • Create a Template
  • Set Attribute Controls
  • Add or Amend an Existing Supplier List
  • Create a New Supplier List
  • Create a New RFQ
  • Select the Suppliers who will receive the RFQ
  • Print the RFQ
  • Create an RFQ from a Requisition
  • Enter a Quotation
  • Create Source Documents
  • Set Up Sourcing Rules
  • Assign the Sourcing Rules to an Item
  • Test the Sourcing Set Up
  • Create an Approved Supplier List
  • Test Autosourcing Set Up
  • Overview of Requisitioning
  • The Requisition Form
  • Overview of Approvals
  • Create a Requisition
  • Create a Requisition Using Preferences
  • Create a Foreign Currency Goods Requisition
  • Create a Foreign Currency Services Requisition
  • Add an Attachment to a Requisition
  • Review a Requisition
  • Approve / Reject a Requisition
  • View Action / Approval History
  • Cancel a Requisition
  • Requisition Templates
  • Supplier Item Catalog
  • Create a Standard Goods Purchase Order
  • Create a Standard Purchase Order Using Preferences
  • Create a Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • Create a Blanket Release
  • AutoCreate a Standard Goods Purchase Order
  • Add an Attachment to a Purchase Order
  • Approve/Reject a Purchase Order
  • Review a Purchase Order
  • Amend a Purchase Order
  • Copy a Purchase Order
  • Close / Cancel a Purchase Order
  • Freeze a Purchase Order
  • Other Control Actions
  • Print a Purchase Order
  • Purchase Orders and Projects
  • Workflow Document Creation
  • Overview of the Receiving Process
  • Exceptions
  • Receipt Routing
  • Receipt Processing Methods
  • Payment on Receipt
  • Correct a Receipt
  • Return Goods to a Supplier
  • Find and Review Receipts
  • Receiving Tolerances
  • Integration with Payables
  • Integration with Inventory
  • Organizations
  • Defining Locations
  • Units of Measure
  • Item Categories
  • Shopping by Store
  • Shopping to Category
  • Checkout Process
  • Express Receive
  • Standard Receipting
  • Returning Ordered Items
  • Receipt Corrections
  • View Receipts
  • Requisition Information
  • Smart Forms
  • Information Templates
  • Review Approver List
  • Review and Submit
  • Purchasing Profile Options
  • Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances
  • Purchasing Document Security, Routing and Approval
  • Approval Assignments and Approval Groups
  • Purchasing Options
  • Receiving Options
  • Accruals
  • Encumbrance Accounting
  • Generate Uninvoiced Receipt Accruals
  • Close a Purchasing Period
  • Overview of a Payables System
  • Oracle Payables Workflow
  • Additional Features of Oracle Payables
  • An Overview of Payables in a Business
  • Integration with Other Modules
  • The Payables Cycle
  • Invoice Types
  • Invoice Matching
  • Invoice Import
  • Invoice Gateway
  • Enter a Non Purchase Order Invoice
  • Enter a Standard Purchase Order Invoice
  • Process a Credit Note – Match to a Purchase Order
  • Process a Credit Note – Match to an Invoice
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Applying Prepayments to an Invoice
  • Foreign Currency Invoices
  • Entering Taxes on Invoices
  • Debit memos
  • Invoice Inquiry Overview
  • Find Invoices
  • Find Invoice Distributions
  • Calculate Supplier Balances
  • Review High-Level Invoice Information
  • Types of Hold
  • Apply a Manual Invoice Hold
  • Release a Manual Invoice Hold
  • Approval Methods
  • Approve a Non-PO Invoice
  • Add an Attachment to an Invoice
  • Adjust an Invoice
  • Cancel an Invoice
  • Create and Use a Clearing Payment Type
  • Payment Workbench
  • Manual and Quick Payments
  • Payment Methods
  • Process a Payment Batch
  • Amend a Payment Batch
  • Cancel a Payment Batch
  • Stop / Void a Payment
  • Set Up an Internal Bank Account
  • Accounting Methods
  • Accounting Entries for Payables Transactions
  • Create Accounting Process
  • Integration with Oracle Purchasing
  • Integration with Oracle Assets
  • Integration with Oracle Self-Service Web Applications
  • Integration with Oracle Projects
  • Define Financials Options
  • Define Payables Options
  • Define Special Calendars
  • Define Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances
  • Define Invoice Hold and Release Names
  • Create Templates for Entering Expense Reports
  • Open Payables Accounting Period
  • Payables Period End Procedures
  • Run the Accounts Payable Trial Balance
  • Close the Payables Accounting Period
  • Resolve period-end exceptions
  • Open the Following Payables Accounting Period
  • Set Up Tax Types
  • Set Up Inland Revenue supplier account
  • Set Up Withholding Tax Special Calendar
  • Set Up Tax Codes
  • Set Up or amend supplier account
  • Process supplier invoice with Withholding Tax
  • Query back and validate tax deduction invoice
  • Enter Standard Invoices with Multiple Lines
  • Enter Invoices Using PO Default
  • Running Reports
  • Enter a Credit Memo and Match to a Purchase Order Invoice (Part Value of the Invoice)
  • Enter a Credit Memo and match to a standard invoice
  • Enter an Advance
  • Invoice Inquiry
  • Amend an Invoice (PO Invoice)
  • Cancel Invoices
  • Enter an Expense Report and Apply a Prepayment/Advance
  • Apply a Manual Hold Invoice
  • Un-Apply a Prepayment
  • Enter a Discounted Invoice Matched to a Purchase Order
  • Payables Payment Run
  • Quick Payment
  • Manual Payment
  • Void a Single Payment
  • Issue a Refund


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