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Pentaho BI Training


The Pentaho BI online training from ITCourCes.com will help you in expertise Pentaho BI suite to perform Data Integration. In this course, you will get to learn ways to deliver data to many applications through a method named out-of-the-box data standardization and understand in-depth concepts of data integration like reporting, Pentaho Mondrian cubes, and dashboards. Gain hands-on experience by working on the Pentaho BI suite with real-time problem statements.

What are the objectives Pentaho BI online training course?

By the tip of the Pentaho BI  coaching, you may be in a position to:

  • Gain knowledge on architecture of the Pentaho BI suite.
  • Learn Pentaho BI analytics.
  • Create reports using Pentaho BI Server.
  • Perform multiple data analytics, transformation and integration.
  • Understand about business analytics and Pentaho BI dashboard.
  • Use ETL design patterns to increase data warehouse star schema.

Why should you learn the Pentaho BI course?
Pentaho BI suite is the best data integration software used by several industries. There is a huge requirement for Pentaho BI professionals around the globe. They are offered huge salary packages for certified professionals.

Who should attend Pentaho BI online training?

This course is ideal for the following professionals:

  • Data scientists
  • Solution architects
  • Business analysts
  • BI developers
  • Data Warehousing programmers

Aspirants UN agency square measure willing to create their career within the body field.

What are the prerequisites for learning Pentaho BI online training?

No prerequisites for learning Pentaho BI course. Certifications can benefit the following job roles:

  • Architects
  • Data Warehouse developers
  • Data analysts


  • Business Intelligence and knowledge deposit Introduction
  • Pentaho Introduction
  • Dashboard Content Linking
  • Data-less style Mode for analyzer Reports
  • Simplified Hadoop MapReduce Job style
  • Importance of repository and its usage
  • 3 styles of repositories and their specific usage
  • Use of varied transformation steps
  • Flow controls out there in PDI
  • Passing and retrieving knowledge to/from the transformations
  • Dealing with Variables
  • How to produce variables and the way to use them in transformations
  • Creating and mistreatment parameters
  • options of Pentaho version eight.0 –
  • Improve property to streaming knowledge sources
  • Optimize process resources
  • Boost Team Productivity, etc..
  • Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Introducing Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Navigating the User Console
  • Creating Reports With Interactive Reports
  • Creating Analysis Reports With analyzer
  • Creating Pentaho Dashboards
  • Introducing Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Connecting to an information supply and Writing a question
  • Adding knowledge parts and making Report teams
  • Create cluster and Report Totals
  • Formatting the Report & Applying Conditional data format
  • Adding Report Parameters
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Creating Charts and Sub-Reports
  • Create a report mistreatment Pentaho OLAP Cube
  • Use of formula
  • Parameter Creation
  • Publish the Reports to metallic element Server
  • User Level Security
  • Working with Charts in Report Designer
  • Creating Report Templates
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Create a Drillable Chart
  • Working with knowledge Sources in Pentaho
  • How to Use information Editor & information ideas
  • Metadata Editor’s question Editor
  • Introduction to OLAP and ROLAP
  • Dimensional Modeling: Cubes and Stars
  • Introduction to abstractionist
  • Introduction to Schema bench
  • How to Access management with Schema bench
  • Running & debugging of jobs and transformation, Storing Log data into log tables
  • SCD implementation the way to implement Slowly ever-changing Dimension mistreatment Pentaho kettle.
  • DC Implementation the way to implement amendment knowledge capture logic mistreatment kettle
  • CTools Advanced ideas
  • Review the Dashboard style method
  • Advanced Layout ideas
  • CDF Lifecycle and parts Lifecycle
  • Add the Technology and Year Parameter parts
  • Developer Tools
  • Custom Add-ins
  • Map parts
  • Template parts
  • Role-based Dashboard Behavior
  • Embedding Dashboards in associate degree markup language Page
  • Introduction
  • Objectives & category supplying
  • Learning the PDI program
  • Introduction to Repositories
  • Working with Pentaho dashboard and Report
  • Working with Pentaho Server
  • How to deliver the goods localization in reports
  • Serializing Multiple Text Files & De-serialize a File
  • Connecting to & Exploring an info
  • Data Flows & LookUps
  • Calculating & Aggregating Order amount
  • Setting up & observance the hardware
  • Explore knowledge Integration Repository
  • Detailed work throughout Execution
  • Overview of Pentaho & BigData
  • Batch Processing design
  • Hadoop knowledge uptake Tools
  • Hadoop ETL property
  • How to method knowledge in Hadoop mistreatment MapReduce
  • MapReduce with Pentaho knowledge Integration
  • Data Processing in Hadoop mistreatment Carte/ Yarn
  • Pentaho knowledge Integration (PDI) Development
  • Data Mining ideas
  • Data Preparation with PDI
  • Basics of prophetical Modeling
  • Basic analysis Metrics
  • Creating Visualizations for Viewing prophetical Results
  • Understanding the fundamentals of clump in Pentaho knowledge Integration
  • Creating an info association
  • Moving a CSV file input to table output and Microsoft surpass output
  • M from surpassing to knowledge grid and log.
  • What area unit the embedding approaches
  • How to produce a Pentaho Theme
  • Blending numerous knowledge sorts and sizes
  • Integrating Pentaho BA Content (Mashup Embedding) & Extending
  • Unified Embedding
  • Pentaho study summary
  • How to Install the Pentaho metallic element Suite
  • Introducing the Pentaho User Console and Analysis Tools
  • Installing JDBC Drivers
  • Deploying DS
  • Understanding Cube & Deploying Cubes for report creation
  • Working with surpass sheet
  • Pentaho knowledge integration for report creation.
  • Configuring Pentaho Security
  • Configuring the Java Virtual Machine
  • Basic Troubleshooting Review
  • Logging Best Practices
  • Performance standardization PDF
  • Concepts of JVM
  • Upgrading to latest version of Pentaho
  • Introduction to Pentaho metallic element Server and Pentaho Enterprise Server
  • Create a DATASOURCE at metallic element Serer
  • Create an easy Pentaho Dashboard mistreatment Pentaho Dashboard Designer.
  • Create a drill-down dashboard
  • Best Practices

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