PostgreSQL Online Training

PostgreSQL Training

overview PostgreSQL online Training is specially designed for aspirants who are willing to perform backups for large-scale, Implement recovery requirements and retention policies. This course includes simplified real-time migration, heterogeneous data integration Monitor, deployment Replicate data with geographic load balancing using Postgres and manage and tune database deployments.

What are the PostgreSQL Online Training course objectives?
Upon completion of this PostgreSQL online training, the candidate will be able to:
● Understand database concepts such as database relationships, System architecture, and processes
● Setup and configuration database environment variables
● Create and manage a database from scratch.
● Use SQL to perform Backup and recovery, data analysis.
● Perform complex SQL queries like subqueries and joins
● The fundamentals of EDB Postgres and features of Postgres Advanced Server
 Why should you learn a PostgreSQL course?
● PostgreSQL has grown exponentially over the past few years, and it is excellent to get specialized in it.
● Many industries across the globe are willing to hire well qualified PostgreSQL professionals.
● The average salary of a PostgreSQL professional is $ 110,908 per annum.
Who should attend PostgreSQL Online Training?
Taking this course will benefit following job role:
● DB Administrators
● Data Architects
● Developers
● Data Analysts
● IT Professionals
What are the prerequisites for learning PostgreSQL Online Training?
The following are the prerequisites to learn this course. The candidate must have basic knowledge of the following but not mandatory.
● SQL and Database concepts
● Linux


  • Numeric data types
  • Integer data types
  • Floating-point types
  • Serial types
  • Character types
  • Binary data types
  • Date & time values
  • Boolean values
  • Array types
  • Other data types
  • Creating & managing indexes
  • Understanding PostgreSQL indexes
  • Partial indexes
  • Indexes on expressions
  • Using Common Table Expressions (CTE)
  • Using Window Functions
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Using Recursive Queries
  • Variables in procedures
  • Performing loop operations
  • The PERFORM and EXECUTE statements
  • Triggers in PostgreSQL
  • Analyzing & optimizing queries
  • Viewing execution plans with EXPLAIN
  • Understanding PostgreSQL query operators improving query performance


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