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PouchDB Training


PouchDB online Training provided by will help you grasp the fundamentals of PouchDB and its environment, installation, creating, modifying, and deleting documents in the database. In this course, you’ll learn the syntax and various other commands to create an array of documents. Enroll today to get most of it !!

What are the PouchDB Training course objectives?
By the end of this PouchDB online training, the candidate will be able to:

● Learn the fundamentals of PouchDB
● Understand how PouchDB supports CouchDb as a NoSQL database
● install and configure the environment
● Create databases using the PouchDb constructor and various other commands to manage and manipulate the database
● Use commands to create, read, update and delete batches and documents
 Why should you learn a PouchDB course?
● PouchDB has grown phenomenally over the past few years, and its market value has almost doubled.
● There is a huge requirement for well qualified PouchDB professionals around the globe.
● According to the average salary of a PouchDB professional is $ 10,958 per year.
Who should attend PouchDB Online Training?
This course is best suited for the following job roles:
● IT Professionals
● Software engineers
● Technical analysts
● Database professionals
● Aspirants interested in learning PouchDB
What are the prerequisites for learning PouchDB Training?
The following are the prerequisites for learning PouchDB:

Basic knowledge of,
● Databases
● Programming languages that are compatible with node.js (CoffeeScript/JavaScript)


  • A brief into CouchDB
  • Installation
  • Details of the CouchDB technology
  • Getting started with CouchDB
  • Base Configuration
  • couch_peruser
  • CouchDB HTTP Server
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Compaction Configuration
  • Logging
  • Replicator
  • Query Servers
  • External Processes
  • HTTP Resource Handlers
  •  CouchDB Internal Services
  • Miscellaneous Parameters
  • Proxying Configuration
  • View Functions
  • Show Functions
  • List Functions
  • Update Functions
  • Filter Functions
  • Validate document update functions
  • Introduction Into The Views
  • Views Collation
  • Joins With Views
  • View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys
  • Pagination Recipe
  • reset
  • add_lib
  • map_doc
  • reduce
  • rereduce
  • ddoc
  • Raising errors
  • Logging
  • Design functions context
  • CommonJS Modules
  • Get the source
  • Fauxton Setup
  • Dev Server
  • Deploy Fauxton
  • Generating an Addon
  • Routes and hooks
  • Setup
  • Theory
  • Node Management
  • Database Management
  • Sharding
  • All Database Documents
  • Bulk Documents
  • Breaking Changes
  • Error Messages
  • Known Problem
  • Official CouchDB bug tracker

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