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Prometheus Training


IT designed Prometheus Online Training to help you to develop the right skills required to alert and monitor different microservices that run on a system. This course will aid you to learn how to create dashboards, how to Monitor the core system components and services, Prometheus architecture, and other advanced operational aspects like querying and alerting using Prometheus with Kubernetes and help you gain working knowledge on real-time applications.

What are the Prometheus training course objectives?

Upon completion of Prometheus online training, you will be in a position to:

  • Maintain and Monitor the system’s time series database
  • Understand Prometheus architecture and setup Prometheus
  • Maintain and monitor various dynamic cloud environments.
  • Learn query language to work on powerful data models
  • Integrate an alerting service using a discovery support system.

Why should you learn a Prometheus course?

  • As it is a trending course, there is a huge requirement for skilled Prometheus professionals.
  • Many Companies around the globe are awaiting to hire certified Prometheus online training professionals

Who should attend Prometheus training?

  • Software developers
  • System and Network administrators
  • Aspirants aiming to pursue a career in the administrative field.
  • provides you the best Prometheus online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What are the prerequisites for learning Prometheus training?

The following are the prerequisites for learning Prometheus course:

Basic knowledge of,

  • Linux or Unix
  • Shell commands like p, ls, cd, curl
  • Working experience in Python, Kubernetes and Go is beneficial but not necessary.

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Aparna T

Best online training plaform with real time examples. They provided very good training sessions on and practical guidance.

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