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Python Training


Python online training from ITCourCes.com is the best way to get exposure to different features of advanced Python programming. The course includes Python for test automation, scripting, Big Data and Data Analytics. Our curriculum is designed by industry experts with real-time implementations.

What are the Python course objectives?

By the end of our Python Course, you’ll be able to:

  • Acquire Associate in Nursing in-depth subject information and skills to implement basic and advanced Python ideas.
  • Gain data in advanced analytics and information image topics.
  • Trained in developing algorithms & building of real life applications.
  • In a position to handle industry-based period comes on Python.

Why should you learn Python?

There has been exponential growth for Python jobs across multiple industries over the past few years. Many MNCs are now hiring certified Python developers. A Python professional earns about $123,492 per annum.

Who should attend Python training?
The following job roles benefit from taking this course:

  • Software developers.
  • JAVA programmers.
  • Testers.
  • Networking professionals.

Aspirants who are willing to build their career in Python-related fields.

What are the prerequisites for learning Python?

Basic understanding of computer programming terminology and concepts related to programming and database are required, but not mandatory. The following job roles can get benefited by taking on this course:

  • Big Data professionals.
  • Data scientists
  • Software engineers


Basic python Execution

Command Line Execution

Environment variables

Data Types in python

Representation of Data Types

Conditional Operators in Python

Python Memory Management

String Manipulation

String Functionality

String Formatting

Tuples Manipulation and Functions

Dictionary Manipulation and Functions

Set and Frozen Set

Data Structures and Working (Stack and Queue)

List Comprehensions


Types of Functions

**Keyword Arguments and *Arguments

Recursive Functions

Generator Functions

Iterator Functions

Return Statement in Functions

Lambada Expression

Class Representation and Document Strings

Access Specifiers

OOPS in python

Class Constructor and Instance

Abstract Class

Singleton Class

Command Line Execution

Environment variables

Class Attributes


Basic File Operations in text document

Seek () and tell ()

Writing Binary Files

File operation in CSV DAY 6

Try, Except

Try, Except, Finally, Else

Raise Exception

User Defined Exception


Threading and Multithreading

Thread Lock

Queue and Dequeue


Modules and Packages



Creating a Project

APP Life Cycle

Admin Interface

Creating Views


  • Models
  • Form details
  • Testing
  • Page redirection
  • Sending Emails
  • Deploying Django
  • framework
  • Generic views
  • Form processing
  • File uploading
  • Cookie handling
  • Sessions, caching and comments




Downloading video File from URL

Copying Video from one path.

Image Copying and Downloading. DAY 15

Map, Filter and Reduce

Range and Time

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