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Today there are numerous items accessible in the market giving IDM answers for big business applications. Then what's happening about the Sailpoint Identity? The appropriate response lies in its way to deal with give the arrangement. Existing IDM items are IT centered and their products, for the most part, relies on the IT helpdesk and the IT specialized team. Sailpoint targets moving increasingly more Identity and access forms from the IT specialized group to the end clients with the goal that the reliance is as less as conceivable on the specialized group. So we can say this item is a greater amount of Business engaged when contrasted with other IDM items that are IT-focused. It has a solitary use interface when contrasted with the current IDM items having various interfaces with different settings. Sailpoint IdentityIQ incorporates 'provisioning and consistency highlights' into a solitary solution. Thus this IDM item can address every one of the necessities identified with Identity and Access the board, for example, 'get to accreditations', 'approach enforcement', 'account provisioning' and 'client life-cycle the executives'. We even provide Sailpoint Online Training.

Components of SailPoint-

SAILPOINT IDENTITY IQ comprises of 4 significant parts:
• Consistency Manager
• Lifecycle Manager
• Administration Platform
• Client Provisioning

Consistency Manager
SailPoint IdentityIQ Compliance Manager mechanizes the regular evaluating, detailing and the executive’s exercises and incorporates character procedures, for example, Access certification* and Policy enforcement*
Consistency Manager organizes the most basic consistency exercises and concentrates controls on the clients, assets and access benefits that speak to the best potential hazard.

Lifecycle Manager
SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager enables business clients to effectively demand access and reset passwords themselves from a unified, business-accommodating interface. By applying arrangements to all client lifecycle forms, IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager guarantees clients procure just the most proper degrees of access for their acting work.
IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager robotizes change to clients get to, coming about because of a scope of personality lifecycle occasions (i.e., new contracts, moves, moves or terminations) through incorporation with legitimate sources, for example, HR frameworks and corporate catalogs. At the point when a lifecycle occasion is identified, Lifecycle Manager triggers the necessary changes by starting the proper business process, including arrangement checking and endorsements.

Administration Platform
The SailPoint IdentityIQ Governance Platform incorporates character information, catches business approach, models jobs and proactively oversees client and asset hazard factors. Together, these coordinated abilities enable associations to manufacture preventive and investigator controls that help basic personality business forms, including access affirmations, get to asks for, lifecycle the executives and provisioning.

Client Provisioning
SailPoint IdentityIQ Provisioning Broker goes about as an extension among consistence and client lifecycle forms, permitting predictable UIs and procedures at the business layer that are isolated from specialized procedures for executing change. Provisioning Broker sends to get to change solicitations to robotized provisioning frameworks, including IdentityIQ Provisioning Engine or outsider provisioning frameworks; and can likewise use manual change the executive’s forms by making help work area tickets or manual work things to follow the progress of all progressions mentioned by the business. This consistent arrangement of changes crosswise over access conveyance components brings together strategy implementation, process observing and evaluating, and gives associations the adaptability to arrangement changes to client access in any capacity they pick.

Types of certifications-
Certification forms are significant when we talk about Access Governance utilizing Sailpoint IdentityIQ. By and large, the ideas continue as before as in some other Access Governance item, yet let us attempt to increase some more understanding into IdentityIQ Certifications.
The Certification forms enable reviewers\managers\certifiers to survey and remediate gets to conceded to clients on different assets, for example, applications, entitlements, accounts, and jobs, etc. You can get these certifications via online training and certification. Based on the sort of assets, Certifications in IdentityIQ are partitioned into classifications recorded beneath:
• Chief Certifications
• Application Owner Certifications
• Privilege Owner Certifications
• Advanced Certifications
• Report Group Certifications
• Position Certifications
• Uniqueness Certifications
• Event‐Based Certifications
Even though there has been an arrangement of affirmations on the premise of functionality, still all the above kinds of accreditations experience the same stages during their lifecycle. A portion of these stages is discretionary while others can be mandatory. These 4 stages are:

• Period Phase
• Dynamic Phase
• Challenge Phase
• Close down Phase
• Remediation Phase
• End Phase.

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