Salesforce Field Service Lightning Online Training

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Training


Salesforce Field Service Lightning online training provided by enables you to become an expert in providing productive personalized services. This Field Service Lightning course will help you to communicate from phone to field. The course includes vital concepts like eventually Installing, and customizing services. This training will help you in gaining hands-on experience working on field service lightning software and helps you clear the certification.

What are the Salesforce Field Service Lightning course objectives?

By the end of this online training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals and process of setting up Field Service Lightning
  • Operate Salesforce Field Service Lightning online training software and understand its capabilities, data models and components.
  • Implement Salesforce Field Service Lightning Online Training.
  • Work on Dispatcher Console.
  • Know the work of field technicians manage service
  • Learn how to use the Field Service Lightning mobile app

Why should you learn Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

  • Salesforce Field Service Lightning online training enables companies to provide on-site service to customers. Hence may companies are looking for trained people
  • The average salary of a field technician is around $ 124,000 per annum.

Who should attend Salesforce Field Service Lightning training?

This Salesforce certification training course is suitable for following job roles:

  • App developers
  • System administrators
  • Sales representatives
  • IT managers
  • Product managers
  • Individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce

What are the prerequisites for learning Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

There are no prerequisites for this Salesforce Field Service Lightning online training course. But prior Salesforce Administrator functionality and working experience as an administrator is beneficial.





  • Course Introduction
  • Certification Overview
  • Field Service Lightning (FSL) Definitions and Video

• Explain the Business Reason Why AW Computing Has Purchased FSL
• Describe the Framework for a FSL Project Team
• Reference Your Action Items for the Course

• Identify Field Service Management Challenges and Determine How FSL Can Overcome Those Challenges and Meet KPIs
• Describe What Connected Field Service Looks Like
• Complete Prerequisite Exercises
• Explain the Main Components, Capabilities, and the Data Model of FSL

  • Identify the Features Within the Field Service Settings Tab
  • Identify the Permission Sets We Assign to Each License, the Profiles and Permission Sets We Assign to Our Users, and Why We Do This
  • Describe Geocoding and Data Integration Rules Within FSL
  • Complete Prerequisite Exercises
  • Ask the Essential Questions Before Setting up FSL
  • Set Up All FSL Main Elements
  • Define Operating Hours
  • Explain Service Territories
  • Recognize the Importance of Required Skills
  • Discuss How Work Orders Behave and Interact with Other Objects
  • Explain the Service Resources Data Flow
  • Describe the Field Service Location and Product Data Flow
  • Complete All Exercises Related to FSL Scheduling and Policies
  • Identify Work Rules and Service Objectives
  • Identify Scheduling Policies Included in FSL
  • Define the Difference Between the Service Appointment and Work Order
  • Complete All Exercises Related to Contractors
  • Explain Capacity with Contractors and How to Give Contractors First Preference
  • Describe the Service Appointment Lifecycle and Related Status Transitions
  • Complete All Exercises Related to the Dispatcher Console
  • Explore the Capabilities of the Dispatcher Console
  • Book and Manage Service Appointments
  • Track and Monitor Service Resources
  • Describe the Schedule Optimization Model
  • Explain the Business Flow of a Case to Work Order to Service Appointment
  • Identify the Key Tasks Performed by Each Field Service Role (Customer, Agent, Dispatcher, Field Tech, and Admin)
  • Describe How Field Technicians Manage Their Service Appointments Using the FSL Mobile App
  • Complete Reporting and Mobile Exercises

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