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Salesforce lightning online training is a component-based framework aimed at application development, integrating data and automating the process. There are several features under the lightning. Some of the Salesforce lightning online training features are Lightning process building Lightning components Lightning connect Lightning application builder. Using these technologies, we can customize and deploy new applications to mobile data running Salesforce. Lightning makes easier to build applications for any device.

What language does Salesforce Lightning use:

By using 2 programming models, we can build the lightning. 

  1. Lightning web components model.
  2. Original Aura components model

In the Lightning web components model, we use programming languages like HTML and JavaScript. 

Apex is the language build by It is an OOPS language that allows the developers to execute flow and transaction control statements. applications are developed by using tools that are supported by Apex language, lightning, and visual force. Visual force is a framework that includes the XML syntax.

What are the 6 benefits of Salesforce:

Salesforce is one of the largest cloud platform providers in the world. Their Customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales and account management, and other software give ahead among their competitors. The major benefits of the Salesforce are

Easy to manage: Even the small organizations without great in-house IT knowledge, you can still make changes in the administration department.
Team collaboration: You can easily communicate with other members of your team. Chatter is a feature that lets you talk with individuals or groups about your work-related information. By using Chatter, you get better results and productivity from your team.
Time management: With Proper customer information and good planning resources, we get the save a lot to time or so-called time management.
Customer Information: Salesforce’s biggest advantage is to retrieve the information both as a quality and quantity. With CRM (Customer relationship management), things get easier in the Salesforce. You can look at individual accounts, events, and tasks that give the organization information about the customer.
Account planning: When we have customer information, we can make plans for the accounts. We can even create reminders so that we can tell anyone to follow up with account management, customers and higher-level management.
Accessibility: Since we all know that Salesforce is a cloud platform, it can be easily accessible with you are connected to internet access. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to centralize your location for your information. You can stay in constant communication with your team.

What is the main purpose of Salesforce:

Salesforce is an integrated CRM (Customer relationship management) that brings the customers and organizations together. Salesforce allows organizations to use cloud technology for a better connection with customers, partners. It even helps businesses to track customer activities, marketing, and other services. Their primary focus on helping businesses with customer retention, keeping their customers happy and much more.
Salesforce is a model computer system that most organizations can use to conduct and manage sales operations. Even customers can manage their files, product information and can keep in touch with people in a company. With Salesforce, organizations can increase their sales as well as revenue.

Is Salesforce a PaaS or SaaS:

Salesforce is a cloud computing platform services which offers a variety of products ( PaaS ) and services ( SaaS ). Salesforce started as a SaaS (software as a service) company but Salesforce is a SaaS provider and PaaS provider.

Salesforce is a SaaS platform if you can able to access the software as a service at any time and on any computer devices which is having an internet connection.
Salesforce is a PaaS platform also known as a lightning platform where you can develop and deploy the application on the cloud.

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