Service Desk Manager Training

Service Desk Manager Training


ITCourCes Service Desk Manager training causes you to be an expert in building the proper Conceptual Model, Business Integration, service culture, examining motivational theories….etc. Enroll & Become Certified!

What you’ll learn    

  • Understand how the service desk manager works behind the scenes
  • Master administration on the service desk platform
  • Understand the various configurations & customizations
  • Gain knowledge to successfully pass the service desk manager Certified supervisor test

Service Desk Manager course objectives

Building the proper Conceptual Model

    • grasp the role of support in the context of the organisations’ general mission and strategic business goals
    • Determine the planning and set-up of a successful support organisation supported proven strategies and known best practices
    • Develop a transparent understanding of the weather that has got to be present for the establishment of a successful Service Desk.

Business Integration

    • Understand the importance of business and IT integration
    • Develop strategies aligned to organizational objectives that are designed to require advantage of business opportunities
    • Understand the importance and wish for goals and objectives
    • Understand the importance of ensuring all staff are conscious of the role they play within the business and why they are doing it
    • Determine the sort and elegance of management reporting that best meets the organisation’s needs

Service Culture

    • Recognize and understand the importance of understanding our customer’s expectations and perceptions
    • Understand the advantage of using SLAs effectively as a service quality improvement tool
    • Understand the importance of a gift and recognition strategy and identify some different methods of reward and recognition

Implementation Planning

    • Determine the way to develop a project decide to set-up or re-design the Service Desk
    • Identify the steps required during a project plan
    • Understand the importance of effective Process Management
    • study the ITSM procedure with which the Service Desk has involvement
    • Determine the function of the Service Desk within the matter management process
    • Identify methods for setting priorities
    • Understand ways to maximize the utilization of data management
    • Determine the importance of an honest change management process

Operational Processes

    • Understand the importance of clear and easy processes within the workplace
    • Determine the advantages of a drag management process, and its interfaces with other key processes
    • Understand the importance of root cause analysis
    • Review the importance and benefits of metrics as a part of the customer service processes

People And Motivation

    • Examine motivational theories and the way they apply within the workplace
    • pinpoint the key skills and impute required for Service Desk staff
    • Review work environment factors and their effect on behavior and staff motivation. 

People Skills And Knowledge

    • Determine different types of skills and knowledge required by staff
    • know the basic business knowledge, all staff should have as a minimum
    • Determine the way during which staff currently acquire their skills and knowledge

Quality Assurance

    • Understand the common QA practices wont to assess, modify and improve IT services so as to satisfy and exceed customer expectations
    • Understand the role of benchmarking within the Service Desk environment so as to get a comparative evaluation of performance

Tools And Technologies

    • Spot the often used Service Desk tools and technologies, their benefits, and hazards
    • Examine the varied knowledge tools available to the Service Desk
    • Identify which tools we use, which we’d like, and why we’d like them

Business Mastery

    • Understand the responsibilities of the Service Desk in contributing thereto and business objectives
    • Implement ways to acknowledge and promote the advantages a Service Desk brings to the business
    • Gain a basic understanding of monetary principles and business awareness

Organizational Leadership

    • Identify the talents required for the Service Desk team from the customer’s perspective and ours
    • Determine methods to recruit and retain talented staff
    • Identify the qualities that bring effective leadership and the way to develop them

Professional Development

    • Determine how well we manage our time and develop ways for improving our time management skills
    • see the importance of frequent personal development, repeated learning, and of staying current within the industry
    • Identify techniques for workers assessment and staff development

Service desk manager Mock Interviews

    • Mock interviews by ITCourCes offer you the platform to organize, practice, and knowledge of the real-life employment interview.
    • Our mock interviews are going to be conducted by professionals with a mean experience of 5+ years. So you’re bound to improve your chances of getting hired!

Frequently Asked Questions On Service desk manager

    1. Does ITCourCes offer job assistance?

ITCourCes actively provides placement assistance to all or any learners who have successfully completed the Service desk manager training.

    1. Do ITCourCes accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

    1. Do I buy any discount on the course?

Yes, you get two sorts of discounts. they’re referral discounts and group discounts. Group discount is obtainable once you join as a gaggle of two or more and a Referral discount is obtainable once you are referred by someone who has already enrolled in our training.

    1. What’s the qualification of the trainer?

The trainer may be a certified consultant and has enough working experience with the technology.

    1. Am I able to attend a Demo Session before enrolment?

Yes. you’ll register or enroll for a free Service desk manager demo session.


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