Siebel Analytics Functional Online Training

Siebel Analytics Functional Training


Siebel Analytics Functional programming will empower the associations the board to evaluate the business execution. It likewise helps in dissecting past present and future deals openings with the assistance of Dashboard reports and gives contributions to take remedial measures in meeting the income and deals targets. The Dashboard reports additionally help in discovering data on items and clients which are producing the most elevated income. It is a venture to quantify and assess business execution across clients. Siebel Analytics implies a part of Siebel managing Analysis, it helps in dissecting past, present and future open doors with the assistance of Dashboard Reports to decide activities required to meet the business targets. Siebel Analytics Functional Online Training has consistently been a value-based application and it is exceptionally hard to examine information that is dwelling in Siebel. It permits a venture to quantify and assess business execution across clients. It helps in investigating past, present and future open doors with the assistance of Dashboard Reports to decide activities required to gather the business targets.

What is the difference between Siebel Analytics and OBIEE?

Siebel Analytics and OBIEE are the two devices that are broadly utilized in the business world. Corporate sand business associations utilize these apparatuses for the compelling examination of business information at different levels. These instruments help in settling on better business choices. provides you the best Siebel Analytics Functional online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

Widely acclaimed programming monster Oracle has gained Siebel Analytics and renamed it as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). There have been rising discussions in regard to the distinctions, assuming any, between the two instruments.

As far as similitudes, both the apparatuses are basically the equivalent at their center, however, they have a couple of moment contrasts. Certain highlights that are missing in Siebel Analytics can be found in OBIEE. Along these lines, those ready to settle on Siebel Analytics Functional Online Training confirmation will discover this information accommodating.

Static renditions of reports would now be able to be downloaded legitimately to Microsoft PowerPoint utilizing the Download menu found in the “Report Links” menu. Extra programming isn’t required for this component to work. Reports can be straightforwardly stuck to Microsoft PowerPoint also.

 What are the components of the Seibel Analytics?

Seibel Analytics are divided into 4 components. They are

Siebel Analytics operational applications:- For associations with Siebel Business Applications likewise alluded to as Siebel operational applications.

Siebel Answers:- Siebel Answers gives answers to business questions. It permits clients with the proper authorizations to make demands that let you investigate and collaborate with data,

Siebel Intelligence Dashboards:- Dashboards give purposes of access to examination data.

Siebel Delivers:- Siebel Delivers is the interface used to make alarms dependent on examination results. In the event that your association authorized this interface, you can utilize Siebel Delivers to recognize explicit outcomes inside reports.

 What is the Siebel Analytics Certification? Online Training is one of the main IT preparing Institutions. offers SIEBEL Analytics Functional Online Training. Our coaches are all around experienced and Highly skilled in their respective fields. Our group coach’s skill in each period of the eLearning modules. Our internet preparation is a standout amongst other web-based preparing in India For any innovation. web-based preparation is your one-stop and Best answer to learn Analytics Functional at your home with adaptable Timings.



  • Overview of Siebel Analytics
  • Explore User Interfaces
  • Basics of Repository 
  • Create the Physical Layers of Repository
  • Create the Business Model Layer of a repository
  • Create the Presentation Layer of a repository
  • Verify and Validate a Repository
  • How to add various sources to a dimension?
  • How to add calculations to a fact?
  • Usage of Aggregates
  • How to use Partitions of fragments?
  • How to use Repository Variables?
  • Modeling Time-series Data
  • Modeling gradually to Change dimensions
  • Detail Data and Modeling Header   
  • Non-Dimensional data and Prototyping   
  • Modeling Extension tables
  • Best practices in Modeling
  • Analytics Security
  • Cache Management
  • Dashboards
  • Answers
  • Delivers
  • Administration
  • Concepts of Data ware
  • Create dimension Hierarchies
  • How to add Multiple Sources?
  • How to customize User Interface?
  • Add calculation to facts
  • How to configure Navigation Links?
  • How to administer BI Web Catalog?
  • Use Aggregates
  • Use Delivers
  • Use partitions Fragments
  • Use briefing books
  • Use Repository Variable
  • Dashboard Design Principles 
  • Security
  • Modeling time series Data
  • Cache Management
  • Multiuser Development Environment
  • Utilities


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