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Siebel is a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) application. It is principally sent by organizations that have a tremendous client base and anticipate customary collaboration with them. There are other CRM bundles like SFDC, Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM, and so on. Take the case of the Telecommunications or Banking segment. They have an enormous client base. Clients continue reaching them on an ordinary premise. Along these lines, to deal with these solicitations and monitor different statuses, CRM is actualized. Additionally, new offers or rules keep on executed in these areas. That turns out to be exceptionally simple to actualize with CRM. Siebel is executed in large organizations where everything is kept up in-house. Siebel is a major application and has tremendous reliance on equipment as well. In any case, the information model of Siebel is excellent and huge organizations want to go with Siebel. provides you the best Siebel CRM online training or online classes in the Bangalore market for the certification.

What are the advantages of the Seibel CRM?

  • Start to finish executions of CRM either on cloud or on-premises
  • Alter the CRM by scripting and characterizing work processes
  • Incorporating with ERP’s to give consistent client experience
  • Executing Siebel Mobile on gadgets like iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles
  • Administrations like form updates, information relocation, mix, testing, client preparing and application support of Oracle Siebel CRM

Why we use Siebel CRM?

There are numerous motivations to utilize the Siebel CRM, as dealing with an authoritative structure isn’t simple. Aside from its administration capacities, the thing which makes it a market chief is its cloud accessibility. The prophet is giving CRM on Demand administrations from recent years and is unquestionably functioning admirably. Additionally, Oracle likewise gives you the office to move to and fro between its Fusion CRM and CRM on Demand administrations. You can depend on it for the most broad utilization of the CRM and keeping up the client base with better client experience.

You can receive the most recent development with the assistance of Siebel CRM Online Training. There are more than 4000 organizations that are utilizing the Siebel CRM and have compelling outcomes. It gives value-based, scientific, and many connecting with highlights that can make you experience exceptionally streamlined administration arrangements. This is one of the most progressive frameworks and has been engraved with the most recent highlights that will help in dealing with the client base of your whole organization.

What are Seibel CRM application?

There are a few applications that are accessible under the Siebel CRM Online Training and you can depend on them to get the most extreme income. Here is the rundown of a couple of Siebel Applications that may help:

Business Analytics Applications: This application helps in getting the investigative investigation of the business and ensures that you get the business development examination.

Contact Center and Service: This application changes the call focus of the business into an absolute deal, promoting, and administration conveyance house. You can depend on it to speak with the clients and get increasingly more income.

Client Data Integration: This application stores all the information of the clients and aides in making a strong database for your business.

Client Order Management: This is an indispensable piece of the client’s connection. In the event that your clients don’t get the arranged item on the schedule, they will betray you. With this application, you deal with the request and offer a previously started things out serve conveyance request.

Undertaking Marketing: You can get the promotion of your business finished with the assistance of the endeavor the board application accessible with this CRM. You can generally rely on it for the advertising of your business.

What is Seibel CRM certification? Online Training is one of the main IT preparing Institutions. offers SIEBEL CRM Online Training. Our coaches are all around experienced and Highly skilled in their respective fields. Our group coach’s skill in each period of the eLearning modules. Our internet preparation is a standout amongst other web-based preparing in India For any innovation. web-based preparation is your one-stop and Best answer to learn CRM functional at your home with adaptable Timings.



  • Siebel Applications
  • Introduction Siebal Application
  • Implementing Siebel Applications
  • Using the Siebel Client
  • Working with Data in the User Interface
  • Comparison of the Siebel CRM versions (7.5/7.7/7.8/8.0)
  • Explplain the Siebel Architecture
  • How Clients Access Seibel Data
  • How To Installing Siebel software
  • Introducing Server Administration
  • Server Components and Parameters
  • Server configuration and Management
  • Securing Siebel Access to the Applications
  • Controlling Access to views
  • Controlling Access to Customer Data
  • Creating the Company Structure
  • Controlling Access to Master Data
  • Authenticating Users
  • Understanding object Definitions behind a Siebel Applications
  • Understanding Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
  • Understanding the Siebel Data Model
  • Understanding Business Components
  • Understanding Party Business Components
  • Understanding Business Objects
  • The Configuration Process
  • Managing Object Definitions
  • Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
  • Understanding the Physical User Interface
  • Configuring Applets
  • Configuring Applications, Screens and Views
  • Configuring Drilldowns
  • Configuring Business Components and Fields
  • Creating business Components and Fields
  • Configuring Pick Lists
  • Configuring Multi-Value groups
  • Extending the Seibel Database
  • Exploring Integration Strategies
  • Managing Object Definitions
  • Editing ad Compiling Object Definitions
  • UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates
  • UI Layer Configuration: Applets
  • UI Layer Configuration: Applications, Screens, ad Views
  • UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns
  • Business Layer Configuration: Joins
  • Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields
  • Business Layer Configuration: new Business Components and Fields
  • Business Layer Configuration: Pick lists
  • Configuring Multi-Value Groups
  • Data Layer Configuration
  • Understanding Siebel Event models
  • Using Siebel State Model
  • Introducing Siebel Workflow
  • Deploying Workflow Processes
  • Invoking Workflow Processes
  • Understanding Interactive and Long-Running Flows
  • Assignments manager
  • Introducing Assignment Manager
  • Creating Sales Assignment Rules
  • Assignment Manager Configuration
  • Deploying Assignment Manager
  • Introducing Application Deployment Manager
  • Deploying Application Customizations
  • Introduction about reports Architecture of report server
  • Simple reports
  • Master-child reports
  • Parameterized reports
  • Browser script
  • Server script
  • Applet level
  • BC level
  • Application and Business services level
  • Definition stage
  • Discovery stage
  • Design stage
  • Configure stage
  • Implement
  • Deploy stage

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