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Tableau is a ground-breaking and quickest developing data visualization tool utilized in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in improving rough information into an effectively reasonable form. Data analysis is quick with Tableau and the representations made are as dashboards and worksheets. The information that is made utilizing Tableau Online Training can be understood by proficient at any level in an organization. It even permits a non-technical user to make a redesigned dashboard.


The best element of Tableau is:

  • Data Blending
  • Real-time review
  • Data collaboration.

The extraordinary thing about Tableau programming is that it doesn’t require any specialized or any sort of programming abilities to work. The tool has accumulated enthusiasm among the individuals from all parts, for example, business, analysts, various companies, and so forth.

How does Tableau works:-

Tableau interfaces and concentrates the data put away in different spots. It can pull data from any stage possible. A basic database, for example, an excel, pdf, to a complex database like Oracle, a database in the cloud, for example, AWS, Microsoft Azure SQL database, Google Cloud SQL and different other data sources can be removed by Tableau.
At the point when Tableau is launched, prepared data connectors are accessible which enables you to interface with any database. Depending upon the form of Tableau that you have acquired the number of data connectors supported by Tableau will shift.
The pulled data can be either associated with life or extracted to Tableau’s data motor, Tableau Desktop. This is the place the Data analyst, data engineer work with the data that was pulled up and create thoughts. The made dashboards are shared to the users as a static document. The users who get the dashboards sees the document using Tableau Reader.
The data from the Tableau Desktop can be distributed to the Tableau server. This is an endeavor stage where cooperation, distribution, administration, security model, automation highlights are upheld. With the Tableau Server, the end-users have a superior involvement with getting to the records from all areas be it a work area, mobile or email.

Tableau Product suite:-
Tableau product suite consists of 5 phases. They are

  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Public.

For a clear understanding, data search in the tableau can be classified into two segments. They are

  • Developer tools
  • Sharing tools.

developer Tools: The Tableau devices that are utilized for advancement, for example, the formation of dashboards, outlines, reportage, representation fall into this classification. The Tableau items, under this classification, are the Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Public.
Sharing Tools: As the name recommends, the reason for the tool is sharing the perceptions, reports, dashboards that were made utilizing the engineer tools. Items that fall into this class are Tableau Online Training, Server, and Reader.

Advantages of Using Tableau:-

  • Fast Build Interactive visualizations
  • Tableau will handle large amounts of data
  • Data visualization
  • Mobile Support and Active Dashboard
  • Tableau Company Strategy
  • Use of different programming languages in Tableau

Is Tableau better than Excel:-

In this advanced age innovation, some state excel and tableau are generally the equivalents regarding the need and the use. Be that as it may, it isn’t. Similar functionalities can be performed in both Excel and Tableau. Yet, how well upgrades can be taken forward, and there comes the decision between the excel and tableau. Any developers or specialists would favor Excel over tableau as it has been for quite a long time and years. While Tableau has promoted in the market as a result of its business insight abilities and furthermore constructing dashboards.

As big data issues are emerging increasingly more in this age, there are additionally unique visualization tools that will be brought to the market. Industry won’t have the option to hold to one specific tool for any data analytics. It’s an option between both Excel and Tableau. There may be situations where both Excel and Tableau come into the image that satisfies a final result. Excel has its own ground-breaking capacities and tableau is getting increasingly developed in view of various big data use cases.


  • Introduction to Tableau and a summary of the various versions
  • Installing Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Help and online resources
  • Understanding Tableau User Interface
  • Exploring Tableau File Types
  • Understanding Green and Blue Pills
  • Working with Available Data Sources
  • Working with extracts instead of live connections
  • Working with Excel Data Interpreter
  • Understanding Metadata and sharing data source connections
  • Filtering data from your data source
  • Learning how to Split fields
  • Pivoting Data
  • The Show Me Feature
  • Crosstabs and Heat Maps
  • Using Bar, Stacked Bar and Side-by-side Bars
  • Pie Charts
  • Line and Area Charts
  • Working with Packed Bubble
  • Using Treemaps
  • Creating a Basic Scatter Plot
  • Creating a Basic Map
  • Introduction to Calculations (this will explain the various flavors of
  • calculations and the mechanics of calculations)
  • Understanding Basic calculations
  • Understanding String Calculations
  • Learning about Boolean, If-Then calculations, and Case statements
  • Understanding the Basics of Date Calculations
  • Understanding Aggregation and Disaggregation
  • Using calculations to add insight to your visualizations
  • Create a standard map view
  • Dealing with map errors
  • Customizing a standard map view
  • Using filters in maps
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • Understanding Dashboard Actions
  • Understanding Dashboard formatting basics
  • Understanding Workbook level formatting (i.e. font styling, titles, lines)
  • Assembling Your Dashboards Into A Story
  • Focusing on the narrative
  • Using color with a purpose
  • Understanding the importance of using tooltips for your audience
  • Using a Parameter to Focus the Audience’s Attention
  • Removing clutter in your Dashboard
  • How to export your dashboard to another file type

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