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Tasktop Training provided by will help to become an expert in value stream management. This course includes operation tools, software delivery tools, and how Tasktop Integration Hub is used to automate information flow and information flowing. Enroll Now!!

What are the Tasktop Training course objectives?  

At the end of this training, the students will be able to:

  • Understand the core concepts of the Flow Framework.
  • Implement the Flow of Metrics Analysis
  • Integrate Tasktop Integration Hub.
  • Work on Enterprise Data Stream and Gateway Integration
  • Understand the configuration steps to start building integrations

Why should you learn a Tasktop course?

  • Tasktop is the most widely used integration to that has a market share of around 74% in 20’s.
  • Tasktop integration hub is being used by many companies across the world.
  • The average salary of a Tasktop professional is around $ 810000 per year.

Who should attend Tasktop Training?

This course is best suited for following roles:

  • Integration engineers
  • Deliverables executive
  • Operational analyst
  • Automation engineer

What are the prerequisites for learning Tasktop Training?

No, such prerequisites for learning this course, anyone interested in integrations can take up this training


What is Tasktop
What is Tasktop Integration Hub
What is Tasktop Sync

System Requirements
Advanced Configuration
User Management

Connect Repository
Create a Model
Create Collections
Configure the Integration
Expand or Modify Integration


Exploring Tasktop Integration Hub
Integrating Different Tools
Metrics Dashboard
Integration Hub Settings
Tasktop Extensions

Explore Tasktop Sync
Working with Tasktop Sync

Activity Screens
Specific Error Messages
Support and Usage Reports

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