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ITCourCes.com TIBCO BW 6.x Online Training provides in-depth knowledge on all the key fundamentals of BW 6.x and also develops skills to style, test, deploy, and administer the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks applications. By the top of the training, you'll gain confidence to clear the TIBCO BW 6.x certification exam. Enroll now and obtain certified.

what are the different types of variables available in TibcoBW-

While creating forms in TIBCO fashioner, you regularly need factors to store a few information components for use at various exercises. There are three kinds of factors accessible in TIBCO BW 6.X  Online Training which you can use in your fashioner forms.

They are

  1. Global Variables
  2. Shared Variables
  3. Process Variables.

Global Variables

TIBCO Global factors enable you to determine constants that can be utilized all through the task. The constants can be determined and changed while planning and testing your undertaking. You can likewise indicate various qualities for every sending of your task.

Shared Variables

Common factors enable you to indicate information for use over various procedure occurrences. Since various procedure cases can get to a similar variable, you can likewise synchronize access crosswise over procedures when setting or recovering the common variable.

There are two kinds of shared factors-

  1. Shared Variable
  2. Job Shared Variable

Process Variables

Procedure factors enable you to get to different information in your undertaking. For instance, predefined process factors are containing the procedure ID, venture name, and other data. You can likewise make client characterized process factors for containing process-explicit information.

Procedure factors are information structures accessible to the exercises simultaneously. Procedure factors are shown in the Process Data board of every movement’s Input tab.

what are the different types of transaction groups supported in Tibco BW –

The transaction is one of the gathering activities that you can use for exercises assembled in a TIBCO BW process. Transaction bunch consolidates a lot of exercises as a solitary unit and they are submitting or rollbacked dependent on fulfillment of complete exchange. On the off chance that any movement inside the transaction comes up short, all assembled action activities are roll upheld.

TIBCO BW Online Training offers an assortment of sorts of transactions that can be utilized in various circumstances. You can utilize the kind of exchange that suits the requirements of your combination venture. At the point when you make an exchange gathering, you should determine the kind of exchange.

TIBCO BusinessWorks supports the accompanying sorts of transaction :

  • JDBC
  • Java Transaction API (JTA) UserTransaction
  • XA Transaction

what is the critical section in Tibco BW and what is it used for-

Critical Section bunches are utilized to synchronize process cases. The ActiveMatrixBusinessWorks motor can execute different procedure cases simultaneously. You can utilize Critical Section gatherings to synchronize the arrangement of activities acted in the process over numerous procedure occasions. Just one procedure case can execute the basic area gathering and its substance at any predefined time. Other simultaneously running procedure occurrences that are related to the comparing Critical segment bunch hold up toward the beginning of the Critical area gathering until the procedure occasion that is as of now executing total the Critical segment gathering.

what all palettes you have worked in Tibco BW-

TIBCO gives an enormous number of exercises gathered into various palettes which can be utilized to structure BW procedures to accomplish certain business capacities. TIBCO likewise empowers clients to make their very own custom exercises which allude to some business procedure that has basic execution for the custom movement. Custom movement once made can be added to a Custom Palette and afterward It can be utilized in any procedure similarly as other runs of the mill exercises are utilized.

In this Step by Step TIBCO Tutorial, I will disclose how to make custom action in TIBCO BW 6.X Online Training and afterward add this action to a Custom Palette and use it in any procedure.

  • Create a Process implementation of Custom Activity
  • Create Custom Activity and Add it to Custom Palette
  • Use Custom Palette activity in a Process
  • Test Custom Palette Custom Activity in Designer Tester


  • BusinessWorks 6 Methodology
  • TIBCO Business Studio
  • Developing BusinessWorks Solutions
  • Using a Workspace
  • Understanding Modules
  • Processes and Packages
  • Process Layout Details
  • Adding Activities and Transitions
  • Mapping and Transformation
  • Developing Services
  • Using an Application
  • Testing an Application

  • REST Fundamentals
  • REST Architectural Elements
  • Defining a RESTful Service
  • The REST Wizard
  • Filling in the Details
  • REST Operation Details
  • Testing a RESTful Service
  • The BusinessWorks Debugger
  • Setting and Using Breakpoints
  • Viewing Job Data
  • BusinessWorks Debug Environment
  • Setting up Debugging Details
  • BusinessWorks and OSGi
  • BusinessWorks Application Startup
  • Accessing the OSGi Console
  • Key OSGi Commands
  • Viewing Bundle and Engine Details
  • Endpoint Details

  • BusinessWorks Runtime Components
  • AppNode Details
  • Local Deployment Mode
  • Defining Domains and AppSpaces
  • Uploading and Deploying Applications
  • Enterprise Mode
  • TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Horizontal Scaling

  • Business Context for BW Super Express (BWSX)
  • Project Analysis Best Practices
  • BWSX Business Process
  • Query Order Process and Data Model
  • Place Order Process
  • Architecture Pattern
  • QueryOrder: Process Pattern Mapping
  • PlaceOrder: Process-Pattern Mapping
  • BWSX Business Requirements
  • BWSX Implementation Details
  • Best Practices: Project Design
  • Best Practices Process Design
  • Best Practices – Mapping Data


  • Packaging an Application
  • Connecting to a Database using JDBC
  • Using an External JDBC Driver I
  • Using External JDBC Driver II
  • Design Time JDBC Configuration
  • Working with a Database
  • Adding a JDBC Query
  • Using Shared Resources in a Process


  • Accessing Process Properties
  • Process Property Details
  • Process Property Features
  • From Process Properties to
  • Module Properties
  • Module Properties
  • Types of Module Properties
  • Application Properties
  • Property Layers and Scope
  • Application Configuration Profiles
  • Recap: Types of Properties

  • Fundamentals of Messaging
  • Messaging Features
  • Message Processing Options
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
  • Publish-Subscribe Messaging
  • Point-to-Point Messaging
  • JMS Message Format
  • Client-Service Delivery Modes
  • TIBCO EMS Access Control
  • Administering TIBCO EMS
  • JMS in BusinessWorks
  • Java Projects in Business Studio

  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • SOAP vs REST
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • REST and JSON Palette Overview
  • Invoke REST API
  • Parse JSON and Render JSON
  • Conversion between XML and JSON
  • Normal Conversion
  • Badgerfish Conversion


  • Types of Groups
  • Grouping For Repetitive Actions
  • Using Scope
  • Error Handling Details
  • Implementing Transactions
  • Using Checkpoints with Transactions
  • Process Inventory Definition
  • Grouping Best Practices

  • Java Nature for Application Module
  • Confirming Java Nature
  • Adding External Java Code to Module
  • Using Product Bundles
  • Using the Mapper
  • Variables in Mapper
  • Inline Schema Editor

  • Java Code: The OSGI Way
  • OSGI Activator Classes
  • Using a Plug-In Project
  • Referencing a Plug-in Project
  • Using Non-OSGI Java Code
  • BusinessWorks Runtime Components
  • Enterprise Mode
  • TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
  • TEA Administration: Product Based
  • TIBCO Enterprise Administrator Features
  • Setting up TEA for BusinessWorks
  • Defining Domains and AppSpaces
  • Deployment: TIBCO Business Studio
  • Application Deployment Details

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