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TIBCO Spotfire Training


TIBCO Spotfire Online Training is a business intelligence software solution that gives its clients every one of the instruments they have to gather, investigate, and picture their data. The individuals who need to begin small can do as such with TIBCO Spotfire Online Trainingand afterward extend and scale up as their business develops. The stage is intended to develop with the requirements of any business. Additionally, it is intended to mix well with practically some other software environment to improve your business intelligence forms.

TIBCO Spotfire:

TIBCO Spot-fire is accessible in three unique contributions and can suit any business insight and investigation prerequisites. They are
TIBCO Spot-fire Desktop empowers clients to make dashboards and assess data on their PCs.
The TIBCO Spot-fire online training Cloud version is a perfect choice for groups that like to work with cloud-based Analytics. The system enables them to make dashboards, assess and study information, and offer analyses, with their group on the cloud. The Spot-fire Platform version gives them a chance to make everything from dashboards to custom big data Analytics applications for large organizations and associations.

What is Spotfire:-

Spotfire is an amazingly ground-breaking enterprise-grade analytical informative stage for gathering important business bits of knowledge. It is a brilliant, secure, adaptable, and versatile tool that gives information visualization, disclosure, wrangling, and prescient research capacities. TIBCO Spotfire online training  likewise organizes an adequate dashboard and intuitive analytical applications also.

Spotfire enables users to merge data in a singular analysis and get an all-encompassing perspective on the equivalent with a natural visualization. TIBCO Spotfire Online Training software makes organizations bright, conveys AI-driven analytics, and makes it simpler to plot intelligent information on maps. The platform assists organizations with changing their data into incredible bits of knowledge easily and in less time. It accelerates information analysis over an association for quicker, sure, and much precise basic leadership.

Spotfire Abilities:-

There are few Spotfire Abilities. They are

  • Smart Visual Analytics
  • Intelligent Data wrangling
  • Build-in predictive Analytics.
  • Un-parallel location Analytics
  • Real-time streaming Analytics
  • Better Administration, elasticity, scale.

Advantages of using Spotfire:-

There are benefits of using spotfire. They are

  • Analysis of the way you want.
  • Connect and visualize more data.
  • Can solve tough queries
  • Build process-specific applications
  • Get instant insights with AI
  • Use Accelerators and templates.


  • Understanding Visualization of Spotfire
  • Performing Data Filtering
  • Learning More through Data Drill-Dow
  • Expected Format of a Data Table
  • Loading Data using an Information Link
  • Opening New Data
  • Properties of Table
  • Properties of Bar Charts
  • Interpreting Bar Charts
  • Properties of Line Charts
  • Interpreting Line Charts
  • More Visualizations
  • Adjusting Properties
  • Underlying Data
  • Coloring
  • Trellis visualizations
  • Filter Type
  • Changing Filter Types
  • Filtering Display Options
  • Organizing Filters
  • Defining Filtering Schemes
  • Highlighting Items
  • Details Visualizations
  • Multiple Markings
  • Saving a Spotfire File
  • Exporting Data from Spotfire
  • Exporting Visualizations from Spotfire
  • Combination Charts
  • Combination Chart Introduction
  • Combination Chart Properties
  • Using Combination Charts
  • Scatter Plot Introduction
  • Scatter Plot Properties
  • Using Scatter Plots
  • 3D Scatter Plot lntroduction
  • 3D Scatter Plot Properties
  • Using 3D Scatter Plots
  • Pie Chart lntroduction
  • Pie Chart Properties
  • Using Pie Chart
  • Summary Table lntroduction
  • Summary Table Properties
  • Using Summary Tables
  • Cross Table Introduction
  • Cross Table Properties
  • Using Cross Tables
  • Graphical Table Introduction
  • Graphical Table Properties
  • Using Graphical Tables
  • Map Chart lntroduction
  • Map Chart Properties
  • Using Map Charts
  • Parallel Coordinate Plot lntroduction
  • Parallel Coordinate Plot Properties
  • Using Parallel Coordinate Plots
  • Treemap Introduction
  • Treemap Properties
  • Using Treemaps
  • Box Plot Introduction
  • Box Plot Properties
  • Using Box Plots
  • Heat Map Introduction
  • Heat Map Properties
  • Using Heat Maps
  • Color Modes
  • Color Break Points
  • Coloring Rules
  • Coloring in Tables Cross Tables and Heat Maps
  • More Coloring Features
  • Adding New Rows to a Data Table
  • Adding New Columns to a Data Table
  • Adding New Data Tables
  • Pivot, Unpivot
  • Calculate and Replace Column
  • Calculate New Column
  • Change Column Names
  • Change Data Types
  • Exclude Column
  • Normalization

Short Number Format

  • Selecting a Data Table
  • Filters Panel with
  • Multiple Data Tables
  • Relating across Visualizations
  • Filtering Options
  • Data Binning
  • Auto-binning
  • Binned Column
  • Bookmarks
  • Adding and Applying Bookmarks
  • Sharing Bookmarks
  • Calculated Columns
  • Custom Expressions
  • Similarity between Custom Expressions and Aggregation Methods
  • The Slicing Concept
  • Marker
  • Applications of Custom Expressions
  • Basic Syntax Rules
  • OVER in Calculated Columns
  • OVER in Custom Expressions
  • Terms to use in OVER Expressions
  • Limiting Data Using Markings
  • Limiting Data Using Filtering
  • Limiting Data Using Expression
  • Horizontal and Vertical Line
  • Curve Draw
  • Curve from Data Table
  • Line from Column Value
  • Lines & Curves Example
  • Creating Advanced Elements
  • Aggregated and Drillable Columns
  • Distribution of Analyses
  • Data Access Options
  • Pages
  • Cover Page
  • Page Modes
  • Filter Organization
  • Filtering Schemes
  • Filters in Text Areas
Toggle Content
  • Details on-Demand
  • Drill-down
  • Different Markings
  • Columns from Marked
  • Editing the Text Area
  • Creating Links to Website
  • Adding Filter Controls
  • Adding Action Controls
  • Adding Property Controls
  • Adding Dynamic Items
  • Using the Collaboration Panel
  • Using a Spotfire File as a Template
  • Using Information Links as Template
  • Saving to the Library
  • Web Player User Interface

Export Data/Visualizations to various formats

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