VMware Online Training

VMware Training


VMware Online Training offered by makes you a master in technical competence that helps you gain the required skills to operate VMware cloud environment. This training will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies like network specialization and software-defined storage.

What are the objectives of the VMware course?

At the top of the VMWare coaching, you may be ready to:

  • Install, administer and implement the VMWare virtualization.
  • Perform various virtualization techniques.
  • Create and maintain virtual machines.
  • Understand techniques to configure and manage virtual storage.

Why should you learn VMware?

VMware is the most demanded and highly used software in every industry. Many fortune 500 companies are willing to hire certified VMware administrators to handle virtualization In their working environment. On an average certified VMware, professionals earn around $101,000 per annum.

Who should attend VMware training?

The following job roles enjoy learning this course:

  • System architects
  • Linux Administrators
  • Virtualization administrators.
  • VMware consultants
  • System engineers.

Aspirants looking to build a career in virtualization.


• VMware digital computer
• VMware player
• Virtual box

• Introduce Virtualization
• Introduce Virtual machines
• Introduce vSphere parts

• Introduce the design of ESX and ESXi
• Manually set up ESX/ESXi

• Install and set up vCenter Server parts
• Manage vCenter Server inventory objects

• Create, configure, and manage network normal switches
• Create, configure, and manage network connections
• Create, configure, and manage port teams

• set up ESX/ESXi with iSCSI, NFS,
• produce and manage vSphere datastores

• Deploy virtual machines victimization the produce New Virtual Machine wizard, templates,
cloning, and VMware vCenter device
• Modify and manage virtual machines
• Perform Storage vMotion migrations

• management user access through roles and permissions

• management virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O resources
• Introduce VMkernel ways for optimizing CPU and memory usage
• Monitor resource usage victimization vCenter Server performance graphs and alarms

  • copy and recover virtual machines victimization VMware knowledge Recovery

• Manage multiple vCenter Server inventories victimization VMware vCenter joined Mode
• Manage ESX/ESXi configuration compliance victimization Host Profiles
• Create, configure, and manage vNetwork distributed switches, network connections, and
port teams
• Perform VMware vMotion migrations
• set up and manage a VMware Distributed Resource hardware cluster

• set up and manage a VMware High accessibility cluster
• set up fault-tolerant virtual machines victimization VMware Fault Tolerance

• Manage mending and patch compliance victimization, vCenter Update Manager

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