What is the need of digital intelligence in future (1)

What is the need of digital intelligence in future

Digital intelligence or IQ, is a measurement to understand the organization’s flow and its business processes. Data and content within the organization are visualized in various critical perspectives. The visualized data plays a significant role in any digital transformation strategy. Digital intelligence is the only way to visualize data of their organizational operations. Every enterprise must realize the value of Digital IQ. Solutions offered by Digital IQ will help enterprises to increase their critical-business ability by complementing platforms like Business Process Management (BPM) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and optimizing automation initiatives.
In the next few years, more and more organizations will adopt digital IQ technological tools to over tech digital transformation processes. Organizations have realized the importance of digital transformation and integration of digital intelligence to their business process to improve competitive advantage, users or customer experience, and reduce operating costs. Scroll down to check what sectors of business are incorporating digital intelligence.
AI or Digital IQ boosting Cybersecurity
AI and Digital IQ together will be a boon to the cybersecurity industry. This is going to give an impressive advantage to the ongoing efforts to improve the credibility of cybersecurity. AI alone cannot solve security problems. AI integrated with digital intelligence will pave the way to advance the security postures.
AI to monitor and improve Business Processes.
Be it a business, anything measured can be improved, anything improved can be controlled. Hyper-automation of simple tasks has become a common practice in the workplace. RPA itself is not intelligent, it is a simple rules-based task automation technique. Digital intelligence, integrated AI-enabled tools, and cognitive automation has redefined and reshaped the business processes executed in real-time. This is how AI started to monitor the business process across industries.
Digital workers to transform the office
According to new IDC research, digital workers such as AI robots and RPA software will grow by over 50% by 2022. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the usage of digital workers is increasing around the globe.
You can expect many digital robots in the office to work on repetitive tasks (i,e) for every human-robot to help. These bots can be trained to carry out a business task just like an employee. In the future all employees across the organizations use these trained bots to work faster and without any mistakes. You will surely get to see more of these technologies at your workplace.
Artificial intelligence or Digital IQ is going to transform the business sector as a whole by adding a digital transformation method. The business field will develop rapidly using these digital workers such as automation processes and AI bots. This significantly increases the business output across the world.

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