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WinAutomation training offered by ITcourCes will aid you to become the best automation professional. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of automation, various features of WinAutomation, when and how to implement automation in business processes. This WinAutomation reduces the repeated tasks done by a computer or an individual.

What are the WinAutomation Training course objectives?
By the end of this WinAutomation training, the candidate will be able to:

● understand RPA technology
● Know the features of WinAutomation.
● Implement WinAutomation
● Understand Business Processes at a broader spectrum.
 Why should you learn a WinAutomation course?
● WinAutomation is the most used automation tool among various organizations.
● The average package of a certified WinAutomation professional is around $ 170,000 per annum.

Who should attend WinAutomation Training?
This course is ideal for the following job roles:

● Robotics Process Automation testers
● RPA developers
What are the prerequisites for learning WinAutomation Training?
There are no particular prerequisites for learning this course. Basic knowledge of,
● RPA technology
● at-least one programming language.

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